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Mey produces surgical face masks.

Surgical face masks made in Germany.

In the current crisis, protective clothing is needed more than ever by clinics and medical institutions. That’s why we have converted our production line, which is designed for top-of-the-range underwear and lingerie fabrics, for the manufacture of surgical face masks. The products will only be sold directly to clinics and medical institutions.

Albstadt, 24.03.2020

In the past few days, enquiries from medical institutions have spiked to such an extent that we have decided to convert several parts of our production line in the premium underwear and lingerie segment for the manufacturer of functional face masks to protect the mouth and nose.

The final tests and prototypes were finalised today, and we will begin production at the start of next week.

Our mask is a hygiene product that cannot be medically tested or certified within such a short period of time. Our masks will be provided exclusively to institutional facilities, such as hospitals, care facilities, etc.. Instruction on their proper use will be provided. Our masks are not a substitute for masks that fulfil FFP2 or FFP3 standards, which are even more urgently required in direct contact with COVID-19 patients.

“With these measures, we hope to make a small contribution to the fight against coronavirus.”  Matthias Mey, Managing Partner of the Mey Group.

Please note: We will not supply masks to private individuals, but only to hospitals, clinics and medical institutions. If you have any questions about the product and work for a clinic or medical institution, please feel free to contact us at 

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