Mey is a family-managed company in its third and fourth generation. That’s why for us, sustainability is not a trend but a tradition. Those who know us know that we stand just as much for tradition and experience as we do for quality and innovation. We have a clear standpoint and hold ourselves to very high standards. The same goes for the issue of responsible business and sustainability, which are a fixed component in our company values. Taking responsibility for people and the environment is a fundamental prerequisite for us to meet our requirement for the highest quality and innovation, as well as to act in accordance with our company values.

Sustainability and responsible consumption are the issue of our time and much more than just a fleeting trend. These days, there is growing appreciation of lasting value. Enlightened consumers are increasingly looking for high-quality products manufactured under fair conditions. Lingerie, loungewear and day and nightwear for women and men – Mey products are unmistakable. And made in a very special way: We are an owner-managed, medium-sized company that has placed the utmost importance on high quality, innovation and responsible consumption since 1928. To this day, we produce a large share of our products in our own factories in Germany, Portugal and Hungary. From the yarn, the fabric and cutting of the fabric, to the finished product. Over 50% of our created value is in Germany. We cover every step of production in our own factories, so our production is fully integrated.

Characteristics of high-quality cotton

When selecting our cotton, we look for premium quality. We use particularly long-staple cotton, which has a fibre length of at least 40 mm. This makes the spun yarn exceptionally soft, yet durable. Thanks to the geographic climate conditions in Peru, the cotton plants do not need to be watered as often as in other growing regions. What’s more, our Peruvian Pima cotton is harvested exclusively by hand and without chemical defoliants. Quality tests of the staple length and foreign fibre content ensure that only the best, pure cotton fibres are used in our yarns. You can feel the quality on your skin!

GOTS certification

GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard, which exacts maximum ecological, sustainable and social requirements for organically produced natural fibres. Quality is assured via independent certification of the entire textile supply chain. Environmentally harmful substances are excluded from the production process from the very start, and guidelines have been drawn up to manage compliance and ensure environmentally friendly and safe production. As well as the ecology of textiles, GOTS also requires the fulfilment of social criteria. Firstly, this ensures that finished textile products meet strict consumer protection regulations worldwide, and secondly, it gives consumers confidence that the products they purchase have been sustainably produced.

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