The front sleeper

Only 13% of adults sleep in this position, making it one of the three rarest sleeping positions. Front sleepers sleep, as the name suggests, flat on their front. They often place their arms on or around their pillow. Pyjamas without buttons, decorative bows or pockets are best-suited to front sleepers. This lets front sleepers lay flat against the mattress without any disturbances.

  1. Pyjamas
    Serie Struktur
    As low as €79.99
  2. Short pyjamas
    Serie Struktur
    As low as €64.99
  3. Shirt 1/1 sleeve
    Serie Springvale
    As low as €49.99
  4. Short pyjamas
    Serie Clyde
    As low as €69.95
  5. Pyjamas
    Serie Clyde
    As low as €89.95
  6. Pyjamas
    Serie Portimo
    As low as €79.95
  7. Short pyjamas
    Serie Portimo
    As low as €59.95

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