About mey.

We produce high-quality underwear. Since 1928.

The mey Way – our principles.

It describes our unwritten, practiced and envisaged principles as well as who we are in collaboration with our employees, customers, shareholders and partners. This understanding sets the standards and guidelines for how we think and act each and every day.

employee portrait of Anne Herrmann from the side in a white T-shirt | mey®
White fabric, folded into multiple layers and fixed in place with a red clip, preparation for the calendering process | mey®

Our production is the core piece of our company.

Sustainability and responsible consumption reflect the spirit of the times and are much more than a short-term trend. We continue to produce a large portion of our products in our factories in Germany, Portugal and Hungary.

Our history – we practise tradition and sustainability

In 1928, the company was founded by Franz Mey as a commission hosiery factory. From this point onwards, we continued to develop. From a women’s underwear specialist to the integration of men’s underwear, all the way to lingerie production in 2007. Today, we manufacture high-quality underwear, beautiful lingerie and comfortable loungewear for women and men.

historics photography from the sewing room of the company, black and white photograph with rows of seamstresses and boxes containing products | mey®
interior of the museum, three historic sewing machines in the foreground and multiple glass vitrines with exhibition pieces in the background | mey®

The sewing machine museum.

In May 2009, the sewing machine museum first opened its doors to visitors. Here, visitors can discover the development of the sewing machine over time.

Rarities such as the Opel No. 1, the Peugeot No. 1, the Krems sewing machine, the fascinating Kerzdörfer, the very early Gibbs and many other rare and interesting exhibits are on display at the museum.