5 bras that all women should have

These are the 5 bras you need to be perfectly prepared for any situation.


by mey, 16/06/2020

5 bras that all women should have | mey®

A perfect outfit needs the perfect bra. After all, there’s nothing more unpleasant and irritating than a poorly fitting bra that peeks out, forcing us to fiddle with it all the time. To make sure you are ready for any outfit and any situation, we have written a little guide about the 5 bras that should be part of any wardrobe.

The multi-way bra

Whether it be off the shoulder tops, one shoulder dresses, spaghetti-strap tops, or neckholder dresses: the multi-way bra caters for everything. Thanks to its various wearing styles ranging from racerback, via neckholder, through to bandeau, it provides for optimised comfort and support with any garment, and without peeking out anywhere.

The spacer bra

The spacer bra is our absolute all-time favourite. The term does not describe a specific shape, but rather a technology. Hollow, air-filled 3D chambers make it extra breathable and fast-drying. This makes it any woman’s best friend, especially in summer. Our tip: Spacer bras are ideal for travelling, as the special cup design ensures that they always return to their original shape, without getting crumpled.

The T-shirt bra

The T-shirt bra is a true lingerie classic. It is characterised in particular by the fact that it does not show under tight clothing, such as T-shirts, as it is largely seamless. The cups of a T-shirt bra are lightly shaped and smooth, giving the bust sufficient support while gently shaping the cleavage. 

The push up bra

While the rest of the five bras you should own are rather practically oriented, the push up bra will help you to really show off your cleavage. Especially women with smaller breasts are able to highlight their feminine shapes with a push up bra, as it gently lifts up the breasts while giving them an attractive shape. This makes push up bras generally ideal for tops and dresses with lower necklines.

The bustier bra

Bustier, bralette or simply ‘wireless bra’: There are various names for this type of bra. But what is it that makes them special? They are incredibly convenient and super comfortable. Bustiers do not contain wires and they support the bust’s natural shape. Modest and transparent lace details turn them into real eye-catchers with an extra feminine and aesthetic look. There are also varieties with a more sporty shape that are just as stylish. In any case, there should be no wardrobe without a bustier.