Sustainability at mey.

Sustainability has never been just a trend for us – it is our tradition.

We take responsibility for people and the environment. Since 1928.

Here at mey, we see sustainability as a pillar which secures the foundation of our corporate success over the long term. By continuously improving our standards, production processes and goals, we will continue to make a contribution in the future by producing durable and premium quality products while also using less power and resources.

Our production is the core piece of our company.

Sustainability and responsible consumption reflect the spirit of the times and are much more than a short-term trend. We continue to produce a large portion of our products in our factories in Germany, Portugal and Hungary.

We are certified and we make the highest demands on ourselves.

We have various certifications for our products. They require strict compliance with the highest standards. All of these specifications and tests help us achieve the premium quality required to meet our standards and also satisfy our customers.

Peruvian Pima cotton. Picked and sorted by hand for premium quality.

The most important component of the majority of mey products is our premium cotton. We obtain our cotton from different suppliers, some of whom we have worked with successfully for more than 30 years. Moreover, innovative cultivation methods and organic cotton also play a major role for mey.

Bees do not only produce honey. They keep the world running.

The abstract term sustainability becomes very real and tangible when considering the current situation for bees. A world without bees is inconceivable for our biodiversity and ultimately for our own survival. The importance of bees is significant and pollination by bees is indispensable. In recent years, bees have become more and more of an indicator of our environment’s state of health.

The hanger cycle by mey. An innovation since more than 20 years.

mey employs the principle of optimising the use of resources as best possible. An innovative and successful example is our “Swabian Boomerang”, which received the German Environmental Award in 1998. The hanger cycle system also secures workplaces in the region.

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