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Athflow - The new fashion trend for body and soul | mey®

Athflow – The new fashion trend for body and soul

Find out everything about the clothing style that is entirely dedicated to well-being here. The fashionable look combines the cosy and comfortable outfits of athleisure fashion, which was trendy until a while ago, with a selected, chic elegance.

It-Pieces for autumn by Nina Suess | mey®

Warm underwear for the winter

The days are getting shorter, the weather colder – and winter is approaching in big strides. Before long, the landscape will be covered with snow. The right underwear is absolutely indispensable for the cold season. Discover our winter essentials now!

It-Pieces for autumn by Nina Suess | mey®

It-Pieces for autumn – Nina Suess

Trending topics – Fashion and lifestyle influencer Nina Suess presents her favourites from mey’s new autumn/winter collection.

Business Looks For Men | mey®

Business looks for men

The world of fashion is constantly changing! And office fashion is a part of this world. In this post, we reveal which dress codes apply and which looks are always a safe bet.

Underwear for the Wiesn | mey®

The perfect underwear for the Wiesn

No other piece of clothing accentuates the feminine figure like a dirndl. And a dirndl is an absolute must at big occasions like the Wiesn, Wasen and Bergkirchweih! However, to perfect the traditional look, you need more than a dirndl, blouse, apron and shoes: only with the right bra is your outfit for the next folk festival complete!

Fashion Revolution Week 2022 | mey®

Fashion Revolution Week 2022

“Who made my clothes?” – that’s the key question of Fashion Revolution Week, which takes place annually in the week around the 24th April. During the week, the focus shifts from the big brands and their ambassadors to the people behind the brands: the sewers and producers.

How to wash lace correctly | mey®

Washing lace correctly: what you need to know!

Lace is one of the highest quality fabrics. However, the higher the quality of the fabric, the more care you need to take. We have summarised the most important washing rules for you so that you can enjoy your lace underwear for as long as possible.

Cool & confident with Viktoria Rader | mey®

Cool & confident – Viktoria Rader

For a long time now, lingerie has not been hidden as we know it from the past. More and more often, the lace of the bra is allowed to peek out or show through the blouse. But in this article, fashion and lifestyle blogger Viktoria Rader shows us how to style the lingerie look so that the boundaries between "under" and "over" become completely blurred.

Fashion Week Looks by Nina Suess | mey®

Fashion Week Looks – Nina Suess

Fashion and lifestyle influencer Nina Suess shows her followers how she combines lingerie in a fashionable way that is suitable for everyday wear. She skilfully takes her unique look to the metropolises of the world and inspires her fashion-loving community. Fashion Week is a crowning highlight in the fashion scene and inspires extravagant and sophisticated looks.

5 bras that all women should have | mey®

5 bras that all women should have

A perfect outfit needs the perfect bra. After all, there’s nothing more unpleasant and irritating than a poorly fitting bra that peeks out, forcing us to fiddle with it all the time. To make sure you are ready for any outfit and any situation, we have written a little guide about the 5 bras that should be part of any wardrobe.

Lingerie looks by Nina Suess | mey®

Lingerie Looks – Nina Suess

High-fashion influencer and style expert Nina Süß is not only known for her unconventional and extravagant style, but above all for her flair for classy and luxurious trends. She skilfully combines cool street styles with fine jewellery and flowing fabrics. In the following article, Nina shows how to style high-quality lingerie into a real eye-catcher in everyday life.

Fashion Highlights by Viktoria Rader | mey®

Fashion Highlight – Viktoria Rader

Sexy and sustainable: Stylist and Creative Director Vikrotia Rader shows us that lingerie can not only be sexy but also sustainable and how best to style the seductive pieces.

Shine on by Aylin König| mey®

Shine on – Aylin Koenig

Aylin Koenig is one of the most well-know fashion bloggers and content creators in Germany. In 2014, she founded her own blog and inspired her follows with outfit and lifestyle posts. She skilfully combines the hottest trend pieces with timeless essentials and adds stylish accents with her unique looks.

Wear to wow by Viktoria Rader| mey®

Wear to wow – Viktoria Rader

Whether it’s laid-back casual looks or exclusive trend pieces: fashion influencer Viktoria Rader inspires her 500,000 Instagram followers daily with the latest fashion styles at @vikyandthekid. For the start of the new season, Viky presents her highlights from the mey Pre Collection. The result is a style that strikes the perfect balance between fashion and cosiness!

Trending topics by Nina Suess| mey®

Trending topics – Nina Suess

When it comes to the latest trends and fashion styles, there is no avoiding Nina Suess. Whether it’s mixed patterns, bright colours or sensational cuts: the influencer keeps on surprising her 345,000 Instagram followers with new looks and stunning fashion combinations. In the following post, Nina shows us how everyday underwear and loungewear can be combined into a trendy lingerie look.

How to wash wool correctly | mey®

How do I wash wool correctly?

To help you enjoy your wool garments for a long time to come, we have compiled all the most important rules to keep in mind when washing them. 

Summer stories by influencer Nina Suess | mey®

Summer Stories – Nina Suess

Fashion icon and entrepreneur Nina-Victoria Suess shows us the latest styles and hottest trends on her social media channels. This time she presents her favourites from the new mey spring/summer collection 2021 in the summery setting of Bali and brings some summer feeling home to us!

Spring underwear looks for men and women | mey®

The best underwear looks for spring

Summer is getting closer every day. That’s why the perfect underwear is must – so you can spring into summer with our perfect looks for this season.

What do the bride and groom wear underneath? | mey®

Wardrobe essentials: What do the bride and groom wear underneath?

We reveal which underwear is best worn by the bride and groom to perfect their outfit on their big day. 

Viktoria Rader's favorite loungewear looks | mey®

Flower power – Viktoria Rader

As an international fashion blogger, Viktoria Rader is always up to date on which styles are currently on trend. She skilfully combines the latest trend pieces into high-fashion looks, and inspires us on the daily with cool outfit ideas on her Instagram profile @vikyandthekid. 

Bralette-Love by Aylin König| mey®

Soft Neutrals – Aylin Koenig

More than half a million people follow Aylin Koenig on Instagram. That makes the Hamburg-based influencer one of the most famous German fashion bloggers. If you are looking for inspiration on fashion must-haves, interior styles and lifestyle trends, there’s no avoiding Aylin!

Influencer Anna Winter presents the new slip dress | mey®

Sweet Dreams – Anna Winter 

Delicate lace and flowing fabrics – in this post, influencer Anna Winter presents the new slip dress with a stunning interplay of light and shadow. The Berlin-based influencer inspires us every day with her unique style and sophisticated mix of modern and vintage looks at her Instagram account, @annawntr.

Nightwear for a good sleep | mey®

Lack of sleep – what can you do about it?

In our high-stress, performance-based society, good sleep often falls by the wayside. The number of people who experience sleep problems is constantly growing. mey nightwear experts explain how you can get a better night’s sleep.

Spring Vibes by Nina Suess | mey®

Spring Vibes – Nina Suess

The bright colours and exotic prints of the new spring/summer collection definitely whet your appetite for spring! Fashion icon Nina Suess shows us her favourite look from the current collection in this post - the perfect combination of cosy loungewear and exciting lace.

Lace Crush by Viktoria Bader | mey®

Lace Crush – Viktoria Rader 

Our all-time favourite, delicate lace, is revamped with fresh colours in the new spring/summer collection 2021. In this post, model and fashion creator Viky (@vikyandthekid) shows us the elegant set from the Poetry series.

Sweater Weather with Julia Dalia | mey®

Sweater Weather – Julia Dalia

Relaxed homewear looks are definitely the must-haves this winter. In this post, Berlin fashion blogger Julia Dalia shows us her current favourite styles, which are so cosy that we don't even want to take them off!

For your right fit - The new size model for the bralettes | mey®

Easy sizing: Our new bralette sizes

We want to make it even easier for you to find the right bra size. That’s why we have developed a new size model for the bralettes in our Poetry series, which lets you use your regular top size as a guide. Find your perfect bra size now.

Our new women´s autumn/winter collection 2020 | mey®

New in: Our women´s autumn/winter collection 2020

Flowing fabrics, luxurious lace and premium prints: this collection is all about natural quality and harmony. We give a little preview of our autumn/winter collection, which will be available from the start of August.

Our new men´s autumn/winter collection 2020 | mey®

New in: Our men´s autumn/winter collection 2020

Classic colours, cool prints and high-quality materials are at the centre of the collection and among this season’s must-haves. We give a little preview of our autumn/winter collection, which will be available from the start of August.

Wardrobe essentials by Franziska Nazarenus | mey®

Franziska Nazarenus – Wardrobe Essentials

True to the motto "Keep it simple", the T-shirt is one of the key pieces that not only French women swear by. It is one of the absolute fashion must-haves and has already saved several outfits when we just don't know what to wear.