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Why pick just one when you can have them all? Discover a wide variety of patterns, colours and ideal fits. Our cool shorts and comfortable briefs feature modern minimals or subtle plain fabrics, innovative materials and classic ribbed effects. Our shorts and briefs are made of sustainable materials and will remain a pleasure to wear for a long time to come.

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Our Guide to modern men's boxers & briefs

Boxers and briefs are every man’s daily companion. Different designs and stylish colours provide unlimited variety to suit every taste. In addition, there are several types and styles available to support the needs of every man. mey offers a wide selection of different boxers and briefs. As well as classic briefs, our product range offers long styles or casual boxer shorts to choose from. To guarantee exceptional comfort, mey uses sustainable, high-quality materials. An elegant cut and an outstanding finish make every pair of briefs or boxers a reliable companion for everyday wear. In the mey online shop, you can choose from an extensive range of options in different styles, materials and colours, and order your perfect pair of underpants online.

What types of underpants are there?

In the mey online shop, you will find different types of underpants that offer different advantages. Our range has the perfect pair for everyone, depending on your needs and aesthetic preferences. The mey product range consists of:

  • Boxer shorts
  • Shorties
  • Classic briefs
  • Jazz briefs
  • Long pants

Boxer shorts are casual underpants with a short leg, which are well-suited for wear underneath wide trousers. Shorties, on the other hand, have a tighter fit and are made of elasticated material. Close-fitting shorties cut an attractive figure, even under tight trousers. If you prefer a classic style, classic briefs are the right choice for you. These underpants have no leg and have a snug fit. The advantage of classic briefs is that there are no visible lines when they are worn under tight trousers. Jazz briefs are similar to classic briefs, but have a high-leg cut. Meanwhile, long pants are the perfect choice for cold weather and keep you comfortable and warm, thanks to their long leg.

What material should men's underwear be made of?

Shorts and briefs are made of various materials, to suit different individual needs. Depending on your needs or preferences, there are various materials to choose from:

  • Cotton
  • Modal
  • Polyester
  • Polyamide
  • Lyocell

Men’s underwear is predominantly made of cotton. This is extremely skin-friendly and has a natural feel. Cotton is easy to care for and can be washed at high temperatures, which makes it very hygienic. Modal, on the other hand, is characterised by a silky sheen and feels extremely soft against the skin. Our Superior Modal series offers luxurious comfort. Lyocell is also soft and highly elastic, resulting in a soft, smooth feel. Clear and striking designs can be created on underwear made of polyester. These also offer outstanding comfort. Shorties made of high-quality polyamide gently envelope the body, so that the fabric lies comfortably against the skin without pinching. The models feature an attached fabric waistband or a sheathed elastic waistband. Both variants are extremely soft and optimally conform to your body.

What do I need to know when buying men's underwear?

Every man is unique and should choose his underwear according to his individual preferences. Whether they’re black or white, long or short, tight or loose-fitting: mey’s extensive product range offers the perfect pair of underpants for every taste. The properties of underwear depend on the style and the material used. If you prefer relaxed, loose-fitting underwear, boxer shorts are a great choice. Classic briefs, on the other hand, offer outstanding comfort and a snug fit. In order to choose the right underwear for every occasion, it’s important to consider when you will wear it before buying. While briefs or shorties are ideal under tight trousers, boxer shorts are better suited to loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.

As well as the desired comfort level, an optimal fit is extremely important. Your underwear should neither be too loose nor too tight. mey underwear ranges from S to XXL, to ensure the perfect fit for every man. Our wide selection offers the choice between classic colours like white or black, as well as colourful retro designs and timeless patterns, such as houndstooth.

How should underpants be washed?

To preserve the comfort and outstanding feel of men’s underwear from mey against your skin, it should be properly cared for.

  • This includes regular and proper washing for hygiene reasons.
  • Underwear is usually washed on a delicates cycle at 40°C.

However, every product has individual care requirements, due to its respective material composition. All washing and care instructions can be found on the care label. This tells you all you need to know, from washing to ironing.

Proper care ensures your underwear lasts for a long time and protects the quality and brightness of the colour. Underwear with designs should always be washed inside out. The right care of boxers and briefs is important for several reasons, so you can continue to enjoy your mey underwear for a long time to come.

How often should I change my underpants?

No other item of clothing is worn as close to your skin as your underwear. To ensure a comfortable feel and the necessary hygiene, it’s important that you regularly change your underwear. Dead skin cells are deposited in your underwear throughout the day. In addition, sweat can build up in the fibres. That’s why it’s recommended that you change your underwear daily. Used underwear should be washed according to the care instructions.

The many designs and colours in the mey product range make daily changes visually attractive. Now you can match your underwear to your outfit from day to day. This keeps your mey underwear hygienic, clean and fresh.

What sizes do underpants come in?

To offer the perfect model for every body, our boxers and briefs come in multiple sizes.

Our men’s briefs are sized based on underwear sizes; you can find the right size for you using the size guide in our online shop. It will help you find your underwear size based on your clothing size, or using international sizes.

Certain product ranges are available in plus sizes 9 to 14. This includes the Dry Cotton, Casual Cotton and Noblesse series. The elastic waistband adapts to every figure without pinching. As a rule, underpants should be neither too big nor too small. They should fit your body comfortably without pinching or constricting. Whether they are short or long – boxer shorts should stay in place all day, so you can’t feel they’re there. The right fit has a significant effect on overall comfort. You can buy underwear in any size from the mey online shop.

When should I wear boxers and when should I wear briefs?

Boxer shorts and briefs from mey have one thing in common – both styles offer exceptional comfort. Depending on your personal preferences and the occasion, however, you may want to opt for one over the other. Boxer shorts are particularly suitable for wear under loose-fitting trousers. They are casual and often available with colourful designs. They are popular among many men for their relaxed fit. The waistband of a pair of boxer shorts has a close fit, while the short leg usually has a looser fit.

Briefs, on the other hand, are especially suitable for wear under tight clothing. These snug-fitting underpants have no leg, so they do not show under tight trousers. However, briefs are extremely comfortable under loose-fitting clothes as well. These classics have continued to develop in terms of their fit and comfort level, making them an enduring popular favourite.

What type of underwear should I wear if I sweat a lot?

Many people suffer from heavy sweating that occurs at even low levels of activity.

The Dry Cotton series, featuring briefs, modern shorties and long shorts, is an excellent solution for men who sweat a lot. The underwear is made of polyester Coolmax® for a cooling effect and breathable feel.

Briefs made of lyocell are also ideal for reliably controlling sweat. Lyocell feels exceptionally soft against the skin and can be found in the Network series, for example.

With cool, breathable underpants from mey, men can get heavy sweating under control, which contributes to improved comfort and increased confidence.

Why do underpants have a fly?

The fly in underpants was invented after the First World War. It is designed to help men urinate standing up. This practical function remains popular to this day. Thanks to the fly, mey underwear not only looks good, but are reliable and functional too.

Our product range features briefs with a buttoned fly, as well as briefs in which the fly is realised with contrasting seams and an additional layer of fabric. The variant you choose depends on your personal preferences and the desired look.

With or without a fly: the mey online shop has the perfect pair of underpants for every taste.