Do you sleep well?

We spend almost a third of our lives asleep. Nevertheless, healthy sleep is often and easily underrated – when in fact, nighttime is the most rejuvenating part of the day. Sleep helps us process the events of the day and recharge our batteries. According to a study by health insurance company DAK-Gesundheit, however, 80% of the working population in Germany suffers from sleep disturbances. That’s 66% more than in 2010.

Find the right nightwear.

For a relaxing night's sleep, you not only need the right environment, a comfortable room temperature and certain lighting conditions – you also need the right nightwear. Depending on your sleep type, different types of nightwear ensure optimal rejuvenation.

We will help you find the right nightwear for a peaceful night’s sleep. With top-quality materials and comfortable cuts, we help you feel good in your sleepwear – even if you don't see it, you will feel the difference.

The front sleeper

Only 13 % of adults sleep in this position, making it one of the three rarest sleeping positions. Front sleepers sleep, as the name suggests, flat on their front. They often place their arms on or around their pillow. Pyjamas without buttons, decorative bows or pockets are best-suited to front sleepers. This lets front sleepers lay flat against the mattress without any disturbances.

The active sleeper

If you are an active sleeper, you wake up in a completely different position than you fell asleep in. Active sleepers roll over several times during the night, and turn from one position to another. For this sleep type, nightwear that provides you with plenty of flexibility to move is recommended. For example, sleep shirts or pyjamas with cuffs prevent your pyjamas from slipping out of place.

The foetal position

Laying on your side with your knees pulled up and back curved: this is the foetal position. This sleeping position provides a feeling of security and comfort. We recommend wearing elasticated nightwear that gives you plenty of flexibility. For women, for example, we recommend mixing & matching items from our "Sleepy & Easy" collection.

The shiverer

The shiverer’s best friend is probably their hot water bottle. It’s hard to sleep in what feels like Arctic conditions. For this sleep type, mey recommends nightwear with high cotton content or with long sleeves and legs. 

The sweater

Unlike the shiverer, the sweater always runs hot. For this sleep type, mey recommends materials like viscose or lyocell, which absorb moisture effectively. Nightwear with short sleeves and legs are also well-suited to this sleep type.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?

Don’t recognise yourself in any of the above sleep types? No problem! Take a look at our entire nightwear collection. You are bound to find the perfect nightwear look for you! Or, allow one of our professional staff to advise you in one of our stores.

Our tips for a good night’s sleep.

The right room temperature

The ideal room temperature for sleep is 16 to 18 degrees. Even more important, however, is that there is enough oxygen available: so feel free to open a window before you go to bed to let some fresh air in. You will see – it works wonders. 

Bedtime rituals

Create evening rituals to get yourself in the right mindset for sleep. Read a good book or practice yoga. It’s particularly important that you always go to bed at the same time. 

A place of peace

Ban everything work-related from your bedroom. Your bedroom is neither an office nor a living room. Also remove anything that could cause you stress or distract you from a refreshing sleep.