The variety of bras available is enormous: Bralettes, bustiers, spacer bras, underwire bras, minimisers, maximisers, full and half cup bras,... the choice is virtually unlimited. For many women, finding their perfect bra among this jumble of options is a lifetime endeavour. The biggest problem is that there is no single bra that matches all occasions, outfits and moods. However, it is so important to feel comfortable in a bra, as there are few other items of clothing that have such a great impact on our confidence and our spirits.

With our bra finder, we would like to help you to shed some light on the situation to put you in a position to compile a selection of bras in which you can feel totally at ease.

Which style of bra is right for me?

The perfect bra is just as individual as its wearer. With various cup shapes and designs available, ranging from understated invisible bras through to those with intricate lace details, the choice is yours.

Each style and type of bra has a different shape and is intended to fulfil different functions. Find out what is your ideal type of bra that meets your requirements. Our tip: Do not stick to one shape. Different bra types may work best depending on the occasion, or even on where you are in your monthly cycle.

Underwire bras | mey®

Underwire bra | A - F cup

Underwire bras support the breasts and provide for natural looking cleavage. Models featuring an additional under bust support band are also suitable for larger sizes.

Push up bras | mey®

Push up bra | A - D cup

Push up bras lift up the breasts from below and from the sides. They therefore create exciting cleavage and highlight the feminine shape.

Cup bras | ®

Cup bra | A - E cup

There are wired as well as wireless cup bras. Wireless ones are referred to as soft bras. Cup bras give the bust a natural, rounded shape.

Wireless bras | mey®

Wireless bra | A - C cup

Wireless bras – often also referred to as bralettes or bustiers – create beautiful, feminine cleavage, without any wires but with plenty of lace.

Which type are you?

Let’s be honest: there is no single ‘type’. Just like there isn’t ‘the one’ bra. We do not feel irresistibly sexy and seductive every day. Some day we are just looking for something straightforward and convenient, or something dreamy and playful. So it would be crazy to expect that a single bra can match all of these moods. Don’t worry, though: we have lingerie to match any situation!

Great attention to detail. From sewing threads through to lace.

“Developing the perfect bra is a science in itself. From the individual components, such as fasteners and lace material, via special cup shapes, through to strap design: mey has all the know-how. We make our own spacer cups. This allows us to stay in charge throughout.”

Claudia Wigge, Head of Design Women´s Wear

Higher or lower neckline?

There are days on which we don’t feel like sporting a low neckline, and that’s where our full cup bras come in.
They completely cover the breasts, creating natural cleavage.

Our half cups on the other hand, show off more by covering less and creating truly eye-catching cleavage.

Our all-time favourite: the spacer bra.

What is this oft-mentioned spacer bra? A spacer bra is no particular shape of bra, but a technology. The integrated hollow 3D chambers in the cups make these bras extremely breathable and allow them to mould to each individual chest shape. They combine comfort, support and shaping while giving the bust a naturally rounded shape and providing for a secure fit without additional padding or a push up effect.

Our favorites