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Free time means to brush off the stressful everyday life and enjoy the well-deserved relaxation. This enjoyment begins with the right clothing: Home and loungewear is made for the relaxed hours of the day and therefore provides a real feel-good atmosphere.

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Our guide to stylish men’s loungewear

Whether it’s from home or at the office – after a strenuous day of work, many of us want to put the day behind us, including our everyday clothes. Comfy loungewear for men helps you relax and leave any everyday stress behind. Men’s homewear is not only comfortable to wear, but looks stylish too. Classic and modern colours and an elegant cut can make even a comfy pair of joggers stand out. Mey offers a wide variety of models that are easy to combine, thanks to their coordinated colours.

What is loungewear?

Loungewear refers to lounge sets, tracksuits and individual mix & match items that are characterised by a high degree of comfort. Loungewear or homewear is no longer worn only at home on the couch or to bed. Casually styled, a loungewear outfit can also work as a street-style look for practical everyday wear. These days, loungewear is not just for comfort; with the right styling, it can also be stylish and modern.

High-quality, trendy loungewear has become an integral component of working from home. Especially at home, we want to feel more comfortable but still look presentable for a video call at short notice. Casual cuts, modern prints and creative colours enable individual combinations for a high-quality outfit that can be worn any way you like.

The use of high-quality materials provides unparalleled comfort. Homewear enables an optimal combination of stylish clothes and the ultimate comfort factor.

What does a loungewear set for men consist of?

Every man is unique, and so is his taste. As a result, loungewear sets for men can be very different. An absolute classic is the simple two-piece set, which is composed of trousers and a comfortable long-sleeved shirt. Then there are summer variants with shorts and a casual shirt. Meanwhile, fleecy trousers and a warm sweatshirt are ideal for winter. The best thing about a loungewear set is that there are no rules for how you wear it. That way, you can give your creativity and personal preferences free rein.

What a loungewear set is composed of depends on when you wear it. A pair of shorts and a T-shirt are an ideal choice for sleeping in, while jogging bottoms and a sweater are perfect for a cosy evening on the couch. In your free time, you might opt for a simple yet elegant pair of trousers with a long-sleeved shirt. Create your very own look with the wide range of styles from mey.

What material should men’s loungewear be made of?

Feeling well and truly relaxed is only possible when your loungewear is completely comfortable and feels soft against your skin. That’s why choosing the right materials is so important for the ultimate feel-good factor. Mey exclusively uses high-quality materials sourced from a sustainable supply chain. Our basic lounge models are made of premium cotton, which has a natural feel against the skin. Whether it’s a pair of trousers, a jacket or an oversized sweatshirt – cotton has ideal properties and is extremely skin-friendly.

A men’s loungewear set made of modal also feels extra comfortable, as demonstrated by the Jefferson series. This fabric is characterised by a super soft and smooth touch, and is particularly suitable for casual shirts. Modal combines the advantages of natural cotton with those of durable synthetic fibres.

Lyocell has a cool touch and is particularly comfortable in the summer. Elastane gives clothing its elasticity and provides ease of movement.

Can men’s loungewear be stylish too?

The checked flannel pyjamas of yesteryear have long been a thing of the past. These days, homewear is much more than just a boring pair of pyjamas. High-quality materials and trendy colours give the loungewear outfit a stylish look. An elegant cut and a modern fit make it suitable for everyday wear too. As a result, men’s loungewear can be extremely modern, as shown by the mey collections.

What makes Mey homewear for men so special?

Perfect relaxation only begins when you are completely comfortable. That’s why Mey uses the highest-quality materials in its men’s loungewear. Bottoms and long-sleeved shirts from the homewear and loungewear range are characterised by the utmost comfort. Soft fabrics made of cotton or modal ensure an optimal feel against the skin. Thanks to the elasticated waistband and drawstring to adjust the width, there is no uncomfortable pinching at the waist – either when sitting or standing.

Timeless or modern – the many available colours and cuts of the season provide comfortable outfits for men, whatever their taste. Who said you can’t look good in relaxing moments? Mey products also promise outstanding quality and a high-quality finish. Clean seams and fine details create a refined overall look.

How often should loungewear be washed?

How often loungewear is washed depends primarily on how it is worn. Is it worn on the couch for a few hours after showering, or is it slept in all night? Is it a daily outfit for working from home, or a favourite piece for lounging after hours? How long and in what situations you wear your loungewear determines how you should care for it. As soon as fabrics come into contact with bacteria, these bacteria can multiply. Especially during sleep, dead skin and sweat can build up in your clothes. If you wear your loungewear every day or wear it to sleep, it should be washed every two days.

If you only wear it for a few hours in the evening, it’s enough to wash it every few days. The amount of washing required depends heavily on how much you sweat and when you wear your clothing.

What loungewear can I buy in plus sizes?

Men’s loungewear is available in different models and sizes. Some cuts are wider, while others have a slimmer fit. Generally, there is a suitable loungewear set for every body type. Loungewear should have a relaxed fit and feel entirely comfortable.

Mey products of all styles are available in sizes S to XXL. Integrated elastane ensures ease of movement, which is especially beneficial in plus sizes. In addition, jogging bottoms feature an elastic, non-pinching waistband. Our men’s loungewear range offers attractive models even for larger sizes, such as XXL. Whether it’s a complete loungewear set or a combination of bottoms and an extra large sweatshirt – comfort is always the top priority.