Gentle on skin. Elegant in appearance.

We love our favourite series, Emotion.
Our garments from the Emotion range envelope you in an ultra-soft material blend and offer you pure comfort.
Enjoy an exceptionally comfortable feel!

Natural fibres on the inside, an elegant sheen on the outside

Inside viscose, outside microfibre. This means: On the inside, your underwear is soft and smooth. On the outside, it has an elegant sheen. The unique mesh construction creates a skin-friendly microclimate and lets your skin breathe.

As a natural product based on renewable resources, viscose ensures natural comfort.

Emotion refined with lace

Fancy a more playful look? Then our Emotion Elegance or Emotion Silhouette range is the choice for you!
While Emotion Basic offers a clean look for every occasion, Emotion Elegance and Emotion Silhouette feature sophisticated details.

Emotion Elegance

The Emotion Elegance series too is made of the special material of the mey Emotion series, featuring soft viscose on the inside and shiny polyamide on the outside. The fabric is knitted as one continuous piece, eliminating the need for uncomfortable side seams. Emotion Elegance has a more refined look, thanks to the striking guipure embroidery on the neckline.

Material facts: Guipure is an elaborate embroidery technique used to embroider a base fabric. In the second step, the base fabric is etched away, leaving only the high-quality embroidery featured in the Emotion Elegance range.

Emotion Silhouette

Once you have experienced the sublime feel of the fabrics in the Emotion series, you will never want to be without it again. That’s why the Emotion Silhouette series too offers a natural feel on the inside with a silky appearance on the outside. The extra delicate look of Emotion Silhouette is accentuated by the embroidered tulle on the neckline. The tulle used is exceptionally high in quality and is embroidered with an elegant, shiny yarn. Thanks to a special knitting technique, Emotion Silhouette has no uncomfortable side seams.