Weiße Damen Bascis-Shirts fürs Homeschooling Weiße Damen Bascis-Shirts fürs Homeschooling

New & limited: our
Homeschooling collection

These days, life is contained within our own four walls. Social contact has been reduced to a minimum. By protecting ourselves, we can protect others. This applies to both adults and the youngest among us.

Homeschooling is a challenge for children and parents alike. Never has it been more difficult to juggle children, housework and our jobs, all at the same time. Most often, it is women who have to perform this balancing act.

That’s why we have developed an exclusive and limited Homeschooling collection for all our hardworking mums. Casual, basic white shirts made of 100% cotton with cool statement prints round off your homewear or street style outfits. 

Nows mums can not only feel comfortable while homeschooling, but stylish too!

Weiße Bascis-Shirts mit Sprüchen fürs Homeschooling

Casual shirts voor coole mama's

Slogan #1:

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Slogan #3:

5 nuttige tips voor tijdens het thuisonderwijs 

#Tip 1: Set expectations
It’s very important to explain to your child that homeschooling doesn’t mean they can goof off. Make it clear that this is only a temporary solution and that learning must continue at home.

#Tip 2: Provide a clear structure
Children need structure to their day – even when learning from home. Choose set times for when your child is “at school” and when their free time begins.

#Tip 3: Create a positive learning environment
Designate a specific place in your home for learning. Ideally, your child should have their own desk. It also helps to maintain calm and quiet, so your children aren’t distracted by external influences.

#Tip 4: Incorporate exercise
Children have break times when they are at school, so why shouldn’t they have them at home too? If concentration is waning, take your child outside for some fresh air. Then you can continue with renewed energy!

#Tip 5: Reward good work
Little rewards can help keep school enjoyable and boost your child’s motivation to learn. How about a little chocolate or your child’s favourite game?

5 Tipps fürs Homeschooling

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