The right bra to go with your dirndl

No other piece of clothing accentuates the feminine figure like a dirndl. And a dirndl is an absolute must at big occasions like the Wiesn, Wasen and Bergkirchweih! However, to perfect the traditional look, you need more than a dirndl, blouse, apron and shoes: only with the right bra is your outfit for the next folk festival complete!

von mey 31.08.2022

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Why do you need a dirndl bra and how is it different from a normal bra?

Nowadays, there are lots of different dirndl models on the market: with a V-neckline, high neckline, or a wide, low neckline. However, the classic dirndl is famous for conjuring a spectacular decolletage. But the secret to sexy cleavage is not the dirndl itself, but what’s underneath it: the right bra. 

The wide, low-cut neckline of the dirndl means the bra must fulfil certain requirements. Since a lot of the breast is visible, the cups of the bra are low-cut to ensure they stay invisible. That presents the first difficulty: classic push-up bras have a fuller cup that enclose the breast. However, this kind of bra would be visible under a dirndl blouse. For this reason, dirndl bras usually have a three-quarter or half cup and the straps are positioned far to the sides, to keep them from showing under the wide neckline of a dirndl blouse. In other words, a dirndl bra is usually similar in style to a balconette bra. 

Due to these special requirements, it’s clear why no other bra goes with a dirndl as well as an actual dirndl bra. Regular bras are usually visible underneath a dirndl in one place or another, since the shape is not adapted to the dirndl’s particular requirements.

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What colour bra goes under a dirndl blouse?

Dirndl blouses are usually white. However, if you think that means the colour of your bra is a straightforward matter, think again, because even white blouses come with many different variations.

The fabric of the blouse can be opaque or slightly transparent. It can be smooth, decorated with lace, or even full lace. There are dozens of different options for the cut, shape or fabric of a dirndl blouse.

If your dirndl blouse is slightly transparent or made full lace that shows your skin, it’s a good idea to opt for a skin-coloured dirndl bra. This keeps the contrast between your skin and your bra as low as possible, so it remains invisible. 

However, if the fabric is opaque, you can opt for a white or skin-coloured bra.

If you wear a black or dark-coloured blouse, you should choose a black or dark-coloured bra.

Either way, you should try on the bra with your dirndl first, so you can be sure of making the right choice.

How do I find the right size for my dirndl bra?

Like when shopping for any other bra, you should know your size before buying. Because what makes a bra perfect is that it fits correctly without pinching or tightness. Nothing would ruin your perfect day at a folk festival than constantly readjusting your bra because you are uncomfortable.


To determine your band size, place the measuring tape directly below your breasts and below the underwire or band of your bra. To determine your cup size, place the measuring tape at nipple height. Make sure you stand up straight. The measuring tape should be straight, horizontal and kink-free. It should not be too loose or too tight. You can then determine your size using special bra size charts.


Our expert tip: Lift your breasts slightly when putting on your bra. That way, the underwires can slide into place to give your breasts the right amount of lift and create a beautiful bustline.

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The most important points at a glance

  • Always wear a special dirndl bra. Incorrectly fitting and visible bras are an absolute no-go.
  • Always select the right colour bra to wear under your dirndl blouse.
  • It’s best to try on the bra underneath your dirndl and blouse to find the perfect bra to go with your outfit.