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Our women's autumn/winter
collection 2020.

We give a little preview of our autumn/winter collection, which will be available from the start of August.


by mey 31/07/2020

If you are a long-standing mey customer, you will know that individual pieces from our new collection for the autumn/winter are already presented as early as May. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our production facilities have not been able to continue operating as usual. For this reason, our autumn/winter collection is making an appearance slightly later this year, but is no less beautiful for it.


Flowing fabrics, luxurious lace and premium prints: this collection is all about natural quality and harmony. The colour palette, prints and materials are naturally and harmoniously coordinated to provide endless possibilities for mixing and matching, so you can give your individuality free rein. The mixture of glamorous materials and muted colours creates an exclusive, luxurious and timeless yet natural look.

Colours & Prints

Earthy brown tones, ranging from shimmering “Bronze” to deep “Chocolate Plum”, create a sense of calm and are combined with all-over floral patterns with Asian flair. The earthy tones are lightened up with the soft shade, “New Pearl”.


Luxurious viscose-silk satin, opulent lace and delicate lace are the key fabrics of the collection. They add a touch of luxury while remaining down to earth. Great attention to detail has been exercised in the design of the collection to ensure the materials work well in combination too.