Wardrobe essentials: What do the bride and groom wear underneath?

We reveal which underwear is best worn by the bride and groom to perfect their outfit on their big day. 

by mey 09.04.2021

Wedding Underwear for Bride and Groom | mey®

The big day is inching closer and all the important to-dos have been ticked off the list. The venue, the DJ and the photographer have long been booked and, of course, the outfits have been chosen well in advance. This is one of the most important preparations for the wedding – for both the bride and groom. But it’s not just what you wear on the outside that matters on the most beautiful day of your life: you will also need the right underwear to ensure you look your best and round off your look. 

Aside from that, you mustn’t forget about the perfect underwear for your wedding night. 

We reveal what brides and grooms should wear on the biggest day of their lives, and what you should pay special attention to when shopping for the perfect underwear for your wedding day.


Bridal lingerie

Just like the perfect bridal bouquet or the perfect jewellery, the perfect lingerie for your wedding is indispensable. Once you have found your dream dress, the question remains what the bride should wear underneath. The right bridal lingerie will help you feel sexy, confident and seductive, so you can enjoy your day to the fullest, while an ill-fitting bra can undermine your confidence. 

To help you make the perfect choice, we have summarised what you need to know when shopping for bridal lingerie.


1. | The right colour

Traditionally, the bride wears white on her wedding day – not just the dress, but underneath it too. White represents purity and virginity. However, white forms a stark contrast with the skin, meaning it will not necessarily be invisible under a white dress. That’s why many brides opt for nude-coloured underwear, to ensure it is as invisible as possible. Light blush or pink tones are also increasingly popular these days. If you opt for one of these, however, make sure it doesn’t show underneath your dress.

The perfect bra for under your wedding dress | mey®

2. | Which bra goes with which wedding dress?

In addition to colour, the style of bra plays an essential role in selecting the perfect bridal lingerie. The bra should suit both your figure and your wedding dress. Depending on the neckline or back of your wedding dress, different bra shapes and styles can be used to prevent your underwear from showing under your dress. 


Balcony bra

Balcony bras are especially well-suited to wedding dresses with a low neckline. They have wide straps and visually elongate the neck. An additional benefit: balcony bras give your bust a lift for a seductive décolletage. Balcony bras also come in strapless variants, but it’s important to make sure that the bra fits perfectly and doesn’t slip. 


Multi-way bra

The big advantage of multi-way bras is, as the name suggests, the many different ways of wearing them. As a result, this bra style is perfect for one-shoulder dresses, strapless dresses or other unusual shoulder styles. The straps of a multi-way bra can be crossed over, worn as a halter neck, or removed completely, among other options. This bra offers up to 100 different ways to wear it.


Push-up bra

Wedding dresses with a sweetheart neckline are right on trend. The push-up bra is practically made for this enchanting neckline. Even in smaller cup sizes, a push-up bra can make you look up to two cup sizes bigger to conjure a beautiful and sensational décolletage. 

3. | Our tip

To make sure that you have selected the perfect bridal lingerie, give the lingerie a test wear before the big day. Make sure your briefs and bra do not pinch, constrict or slip when you move, and that there are no protruding seams. Check that your bra doesn’t show through your dress, that there are no straps or lace peeking out, and that you feel comfortable wearing it all day. Then nothing will stand in the way of your perfect wedding day!

What should grooms wear underneath on the big day?

While men have it easier finding the perfect underwear to wear under their suit, there are a couple of basic tips to keep in mind. Contrary to popular opinion, it’s not enough to select the perfect pair of briefs; the perfect undershirt is critical for a flawless appearance. Generally, the same rules apply as for the underwear you wear under a business suit. We have summarised the most important points for you as a reminder below.

1.| An undershirt under my suit - is it really necessary? Of course!

Contrary to popular opinion, an undershirt is indispensable under a suit. That’s because a good undershirt is breathable and temperature-equalising, and prevents sweat patches that can form during the course of the day. Unlike a normal undershirt, the mey Undershirt has inserts under the arms and at the back, made from yarn containing silver ions. These not only absorb moisture, but prevent odour as well. By doing so, the right undershirt can help keep you comfortable all day long, so you can enjoy your wedding day to the max. 

Our expert tip: Wear a skin-coloured undershirt under a white shirt. This reduces the contrast between the undershirt and your skin, so your undershirt is almost invisible.

The perfect undershirt for grooms | mey®

2. | What style of briefs is best under a suit?

In contrast to the bride, the groom has an easier time of choosing his underwear than his wife-to-be, but there are still a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the groom should feel completely comfortable all day long. There should be no pressure or pinching. Secondly, men should make sure their underwear doesn’t show through their clothes. For all future husbands, this means that the seam of their underwear should not be visible under their suit trousers. The following brief styles are guaranteed to see you right.



Shorties are the tight-fitting version of boxer shorts and are therefore ideal under a suit, as the seams are not visible under the thin fabric of your trousers.  


Classic briefs

Classic briefs are always a solid choice. The only thing to keep in mind is that the seams should not show under your trousers. That’s why you should choose a pair with flat seams. 


Long pants

Similar to shorties, long pants offer the decisive advantage that the slim leg has a close fit, meaning the seams are practically invisible. If you are getting married in the summer, we recommend not choosing long underwear and instead opting for the medium length between long pants and shorties.