Invisible underwear

Underwear is only perfect when you forget that you’re wearing any at all.
That’s why mey Second Me has been consciously pared down to the essentials.

As much as we love our lacy underwear, it’s not always the best choice for every outfit. In tight-fitting dresses or super skinny jeans, you might instead opt for “invisible briefs” or “seamless briefs” – in other words, underwear that stays discreet with no visible outline. Seamless briefs offer the advantage of having no irritating seams. Our seamless briefs from the Soft Second Me and Natural Second Me series are the perfect choice for anyone who wants a super soft and comfortable feel, and love the sense of having nothing on their skin. 

A new arrival in our selection of invisible underwear is the Pure Second Me series. Tops, bustiers and briefs round off our essential product range and are incredibly comfortable to wear, thanks to their material composition.

Pure Second Me

Experience a unique sensation against your skin with our new Pure Second Me series. It’s pure and comfortable to wear, thanks to simple cuts and materials. 

Instead of wires, finished edges and seams, our
bustiers feature stabilising zones. This not only gives them a clean look, but ensures a perfect, supportive fit. For added flexibility, the pads are not permanently fixed in place, but can be removed.

Seamless lines, soft edges, bonded seams and muted colours are further details that ensure your underwear is neither felt nor visible under your clothing.

This new series offers the choice between a top, bustier and two different styles of briefs.

Our Pure Second Me cutting shapes

Soft Second Me

Experience the utmost comfort with our Soft Second Me series. The flocked coating on the inside ensures a perfect, secure fit, while the smooth outside ensures that tight clothing glides smoothly over the top of the briefs.

Thanks to modern laser-cut technology, the briefs from the Soft Second Me series – also known as clean-cut briefs – have zero irritating seams. 

There are three different styles to choose from: string, Brazilian or hipster. Our seamless briefs are also available in different colours. 

Our tip: Especially when wearing light colours, you will want to make sure your underwear stays invisible under your clothes. We recommend choosing light, neutral and “invisible” colours, such as “baily”, “cream tan” or “white”.

Our Soft Second Me cutting shapes




Natural Second Me

Our popular seamless briefs series Second Me is now also available in a neutral colour. Like the Soft Second Me series, the products in the Natural Second Me series have extra-flat seams at the sides and a seamless crotch, waistband and leg.

There is one more difference between the two series: the Natural Second Me series is made of 90% cotton and features an additional flocked finish on the leg for increased durability and an enhanced fit.

The briefs in the Natural Second Me series are the perfect choice for anyone who prefers a higher-waisted cut and more secure fit. 

Here too, there is a variety of different styles to choose from: the briefs are available as jazz briefs, hipsters and shorts, as well as in the same styles found in the Soft Second Me series. 

Our Natural Second Me cutting shapes




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