Our measures for your safety.

Your and our employees’ safety remains our top priority.

That’s why we are introducing rules of conduct and implementing additional measures to ensure the necessary degree of safety in our stores.

If you have symptoms of a Covid-19 infection, please refrain from entering the store and consult a doctor immediately.

We thank you for your support and understanding!

Rules to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Maximum of two customers

To maintain a safe distance between individuals, a maximum of two customers are permitted in the store at any time.

Keep your distance

Please keep a hygienic distance of 1.5 metres between yourself, other customers and our staff.

Wear a mask

Please follow the instructions of the local government and wear a face mask while shopping in our stores.

Our special service for you!

Private shopping

If you like, you may arrange an exclusive private shopping appointment before or after closing time.

Telephone order

You can also order items and delivery to your home over the phone.

Adapted opening times

Stop by your nearest mey store during our adapted opening times and let us advise you.

Thank you
for supporting your local mey store!