The hanger cycle by mey.

mey employs the principle of optimising the use of resources as best possible.

mey’s reusable hangers lined up on a clothing rail with clothing hanging from them | mey®

The “Swabian Boomerang” – an innovation by mey.

An innovative and successful example is our “Swabian Boomerang”, which received the German Environmental Award in 1998. The hanger cycle system also secures workplaces in the region. At the Lebenshilfe Zollernalb Workshops in Bisingen and Albstadt as well as Mariaberger Heime in Gammertingen, reconditioning the mey hangers provides steady employment for 40 people with disabilities.

How does the hanger cycle work?

The return rate of our hangers over the last ten years has been approximately 65%. With the system, mey conserves approximately 30 tonnes of waste every year compared to single-use hanger systems. The high return rate makes the system worthwhile from an economic standpoint as well.

Graphic on the hanger cycle showing the individual steps as a cycle | mey®
  • The hangers are sent to shops fitted with garments.
  • The hangers are then collected in the shops and sent back to mey with DPD or DHL at no charge to the customer (minimum package weight: 5kg).
  • The hangers are checked, cleaned, sorted and rebundled at the Zollernalb Workshops and Mariaberger Heime, which are institutions that provide job opportunities for people with disabilities.
  • From there, the reconditioned hangers find their way back to mey.
  • We attach new garments to the hangers and send them back to our customers.

These hangers are part of the hanger cycle

We use three different types of hangers in our circulatory system. For particulary sensitive fabrics they are also available with small silicone sleeves on the outer clips. All of this hangers can be reused up to six times before they are recycled to plastic granulate – the material from which new mey hangers are produced.

Small combination hanger for lingerie (bra and briefs) from the hanger cycle | mey®

The small combi-hanger
for lingerie (brief + bra)

Large combination hanger for underwear (vest and briefs) from the hanger cycle | mey®

The large combi-hanger
for daywear (brief + undershirt)


Spencer hanger for vests and tops from the hanger cycle | mey®

The spencer hanger
for undershirts + tops