mey does its part in actively protecting the environment through humus formation.

We are taking part in the regional climate and environmental protecion project “Offsetting emissions regionally through humus formation”

Light brown cows are running across the Positerra pasture | mey®

An efficient means of binding CO₂

Positerra is a platform that brings together companies and farmers, allowing companies to support farmers in transitioning towards renewable agriculture by means of a sponsorship. By taking on such a climate sponsorship, we are seeking to offset a large part of the emissions caused by mey regionally through humus formation.

A building with silos for humus formation as part of the Positerra project | mey®

How does the CO₂ offset work?

The offset is achieved by farmer Manfred Kränzler establishing renewable agriculture on his Schönberghof farm in Isingen in the Swabian Jura by means of adapted land use and farming methods that promote humus formation.

Compared to traditional farming methods, renewable agriculture forms considerably more humus in the soil. This promotes plant growth and the soil’s water storage capacities, protecting it against extreme weather events and binding more CO₂ in the long run. In this way, CO₂ is permanently bound in the soil as carbon which at the same time makes the land more fertile.

The aim of this flagship project is to strengthen local agriculture and bring it back to a sustainable, healthy basis. Thus, companies and farmers likewise are doing their part in securing a climate-friendly and liveable future. “Our impression of mey is that of a company that is very invested in sustainability and climate protection with a focus on the region. We are delighted to see that they are willing to be a pioneer in supporting renewable agriculture locally and doing their part in ensuring better soils and a better climate”, says Tom Weseloh, Managing Director of Positerra.

Two saplings held by hands, the bigger one has more soil on its root compared to the smaller one | mey®

mey employees visit the Schönberghof farm

Together with our employees, we had the opportunity to learn how humus formation, renewable agriculture and climate protection go hand in hand on a visit to the Schönberghof farm.

Florian Mey und Manfred Kränzler aus Rosenfeld vor einer landwirtschaftlichen Maschine | mey®

“When it comes to CO₂ emissions, our priority are measures that avoid and reduce emissions. Offsetting CO₂ emissions was never our first choice. However, this project with farmer Manfred Kränzler and Positerra is a very conscious choice.”


Florian Mey, Company Director of mey, with farmer Manfred Kränzler