Our production is the core piece.

Sustainability and responsible consumption reflect the spirit of the times and are much more than a short-term trend.

White fabric, folded into multiple layers and fixed in place with a red clip, preparation for the calendering process | mey®

Our production steps

As a family-owned company that has been in the family since its founding in 1928, we can quite transparently track all of our production steps at our company sites as well as in other producing countries. As we largely produce in countries considered non-critical by the Fair Wear Foundation, we are not allowed to use the Fair Wear label on our products.

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Our definition of quality, transparency and style 

Sustainability and responsible consumption reflect the spirit of the times, are much more than a short-term trend and their importance is being reassessed. We continue to produce a large portion of our products in our factories in Germany, Portugal and Hungary. From the thread to the fabric, cutting and even the final product – more than 50% of added value is created in Germany.

mey new build in Albstadt, Germany with car park, company restaurant and the Bistro s ’ Albrecht | mey®

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Facts and figures: 2022

60 % Own production

34 % CMT (cut-make-trim)

6 % Full merchandise

Designer in women’s design department tries out a patterned tunic on a hanging tailor’s bust and checks the cut | mey®


Design and innovation

The design teams for women and men at mey surprise us each and every season with new creations, colour palettes and products. New garments and cuts are created, existing pieces are improved and optimised and lovely little accents are added – all with a view to provide durability, high quality and unique design.

One’s own individuality is the focus. The inner desire for modern authenticity and harmony comes first and foremost – both in terms of the materials and the colour palette. The focus is on premium fabrics that offer impeccable comfort. We believe that our durable products make a contribution to a better future. More sustainability, less fast fashion.

An employees checks the fit of a product on a tailor’s mannequin | mey®

An employee checks the fit of the garment on a dress form and makes subsequent improvements | Albstadt, Germany


Yarns and fabrics

The innovative development of yarns and fabrics has been one of our greatest strengths from the very beginning. We develop and test a variety of new material and yarn combinations to produce the perfect fabrics for our products. Our fabrics are particularly durable, soft and supple and also extremely comfortable to wear.

We manufacture approximately 82% of our fabrics on 97 individually configurable knitting machines at the company headquarters in Albstadt (Germany). After finishing, our fabrics are carefully inspected for flaws by our employees.

Rolls of yarn, ready to use in the knitting machine | mey®
Employee carries a roll of burgundy fabric for further processing | mey®

Yarn bobbins prepared for mounting on the knitting machine | Albstadt, Germany

Modern knitting machine in the knitting department in Albstadt, Germany | mey®


Knitting factory and fabric production 

We manufacture approximately 85% of our fabrics on state-of-the-art knitting machines at the company’s headquarters in Albstadt (Germany). Our machinery includes body-size knitting machines, which create circular knitted fabric tubes that can subsequently be cut to produce tops and bottoms without side seams, as well as machines to produce metre goods.

Metre goods are also circular knitted fabrics that are then cut directly down one side and wound onto a roll, resulting in a standard length of material. After finishing, an employee carefully inspects our fabrics for defects. Our fabrics are particularly durable, soft and supple and are extremely comfortable to wear – even when frequently worn and washed.

Modern knitting machine with an employee in the knitting department in Albstadt, Germany | mey®

An employee removes a finished roll of fabric from the knitting machine for metre goods | Albstadt, Germany


Further processing and finishing 

Our fabric finishing process on the jet shrinking system and our calendering process enable us to reduce the risk of garment shrinkage to as little as four percent. We take this figure into account when designing patterns so that every product fits just like it did the very first time even after repeated washing.

The jet shrinking system treats the fabric like a normal tumbler dryer, but on a larger scale. The length of fabric loses 10% of its potential lengthwise shrinkage as a result.

Employee checks the fabric on the calendaring machine | mey®

Fanned-out selection of Pantone colour swatches with different red and pink tones | mey®


Dyes and prints

As our bodywear comes in direct contact with the skin, we observe the strictest standards and guidelines for dyeing and printing. The dyes need to last through many washes and must not bleed, stain or fade excessively. We test these properties with a long-term washing test. 

By introducing Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification, the colour authenticity and testing for contaminants in all end and intermediate products are guaranteed by the test carried out by Oeko-Tex®.


Cutting of fabric

Our expertise and the use of punching machines and state-of-the-art cutting machines guarantee consistently high accuracy. The punching machine is mainly used to cut shirts and briefs to size that were produced as seamless tubular knitted fabric.

Fully automated cutting is performed on the machine. To ensure the dimensional accuracy of the cut pieces, not more than 25 layers of fabric are processed in one work step. It is possible to cut a much higher number of layers from a technical point of view, however, the cut pieces vary slightly as a result, which would not be in line with our high standard of quality.

Cutting templates in light brown cardboard hang on a clothing rail | mey®
Employee takes a bundle of cut fabric from the tailoring table of the CAD cutter | mey®

Cut pieces are removed from the entire length of fabric and sorted for subsequent processing | Albstadt, Germany

Employee sews a special seam on a pair of white briefs with a special machine | mey®


Sewing of our products

To provide exceptional comfort, we pay special attention to our seam work, for example with high stitch density (up to 13 stitches/cm). That allows us to guarantee a seam’s high degree of elasticity and ultimate comfort as a result.

We invest in premium quality. To ensure that level of quality, we check our products after every manufacturing step. Only then do you have a final product that completely satisfies customers: with premium material, precision workmanship and exceptional comfort.

Employee concentrates on sewing a blue item of underwear | mey®

Cut pieces are removed from the entire length of fabric and sorted for subsequent processing | Albstadt, Germany

Our own production sites