The best underwear looks for spring

Summer is getting closer every day. That’s why the perfect underwear is must – so you can spring into summer with our perfect looks for this season. 

by mey 29/03/2021

We’ve just about had enough of winter! Who doesn’t long for sunshine, warmth and breezy days? We have gone ahead and unpacked the springtime for you. This season is all about fresh colours, bold prints and lightweight fabrics.   

The most beautiful spring lingerie looks for ladies | mey®

Colourful, extravagant and playful: what to wear this summer!

This seasons’s lingerie looks are summery and playful. Fresh and extravagant colour combinations, as well as sensual lace, are the key pieces for this spring.

But it’s not just about colours and materials: our summer looks are as playful and sexy as they are comfy and cosy. Wireless bras and light camisoles remain a must-have for every stylish lingerie drawer. A combination of comfortable cuts and bright colours is guaranteed to put a smile on your face in the morning and set the tone for the day ahead.


Bright, bold and cheerful: don’t miss these trends.

For men, this season is all about bold colours, such as bright pink or brilliant royal blue, as well as casual yet stylish silhouettes. The combination of these two elements makes your outfits fit for both inside and outside your home.

Extroverted prints in matching colour shades round off the overall look and enable colourful, tone-on-tone combos. The prints can be worn solo with a plain, unpatterned item, or combined for an all-over print look. Let your creativity run wild.

The most beautiful spring underwear looks for men | mey®