Zzzleepwear series

The smart nightwear series with N8TEX® for men and women.

Zzzleepwear is the first nightwear from mey that recharges your energy.

With the Zzzleepwear series, we have developed the first smart nightwear series that helps you fall asleep quicker and improves the quality of your sleep. Our N8TEX® fabric, developed in-house, is breathable and its titanium mineral coating reflects back the body’s own infrared heat.

Do you want to discover the quality of our new Zzzleepwear nightwear series for yourself? Find a retailer near you now. We look forward to your visit!

Men’s collection


of the world’s population suffer from mild to severe lack of sleep.

the average nightly amount of sleep per person was still eight hours. 

of working professionals in Europe would like to sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Two out of four adults are not doing anything about their sleep problems, but would like help.


Hormonal imbalance and high risk of circulation problems.

More days of absence from the workplace due to long-term fatigue.

Increased risk of heart disease, including heart attacks.

Memory problems due to decreased detoxifying capacity of the brain.

Find retailers near you

Do you want to discover the quality of our new Zzzleepwear nightwear series for yourself? Find a retailer near you now. We look forward to your visit!

Good night – Regain energy. Recover faster.

The Zzzleepwear series features a harmonious combination of innovative details in both the women’s and men’s collection. Discover the high quality of this one-of-a-kind nightwear series for yourself.

N8TEX® – Smart fabric for improved sleep

For the new Zzzleepwear series, we have used our fabric called N8TEX®, which combines comfort and technical innovation.

The fabric, which has a mottled texture, is made from a combination of natural cotton and COOLMAX® fibres and has a unique smart feature: an innovative titanium mineral coating is applied to the inside of the fabric in a honeycomb pattern. This coating is the key feature of the Zzzleepwear series.

The temperature-regulating COOLMAX® fibres make the new N8TEX® fabric by mey highly breathable and ensure rapidly absorb moisture.

The smart titanium mineral coating reflects back the infrared heat given off by every living thing, which helps restore energy levels.

The high natural cotton content of this unique nightwear series increases comfort and wellbeing, and gives the fabric a mottled texture.


A specially developed titanium mineral coating can help recover your energy levels.


The fabric’s COOLMAX® fibre content of 40% ensures breathability and efficient absorption of moisture.


The mineral coating reflects back your body’s own infrared heat, providing you with more energy.

Wake up refreshed

Thanks to the innovative N8TEX® fabric composition with a smart titanium mineral coating, you will fall asleep quicker and wake up more refreshed.

Sleep podcast

A Spotify code is printed on every item in the Zzzleepwear series. By scanning the code with the free Spotify app, you can listen to the sleep podcast.

A pair of pyjamas tells its how it was made – from the cotton field, to the factory in Albstadt, to the store – in an eleven-part good night story so boring, it will have you nodding off in no time.


How do you scan the code?

  1. Open the Spotify App on your smartphone.
  2. Click on the search button.
  3. Click on the camera icon.
  4. Scan the Spotify code with your smartphone.


Discover the individual mix-and-match pieces from the new Zzzleepwear series. The collection includes shirts with short and long sleeves, as well as shorts and long bottoms, in various colours. The men’s collection features the colours “Yacht Blue” and “Smoke Melange”, while the women’s collection features “Powder Pink” and “Stone Grey Melange”.

The cut is lightweight and ergonomic, and ensures the utmost comfort while you sleep, thanks to its extremely flat seams.

The ticket machine at the station isn’t half as comfortable and convenient as our Zzzleepwear series for men. It can even help you wake up feeling more refreshed and start your day with more energy.

Even a seat in first class won’t help you feel more rested at work. Our Zzzleepwear series for women can help you feel fitter and more rested in the morning.

Design features & colour variants

For the perfect style when going to sleep, the Zzzleepwear series offers four different colour variants – two for men and two for women – as well as outstanding design features: the seams are extremely flat and partially a contrasting colour. Instead of a potentially irritating label, we have used a print at the back of the neck. On the inside, the fabric has a ceramic titanium mineral coating, and the Spotify code for the sleep podcast is printed on the hem or sleeve.

Women’s collection

Do you have trouble sleeping?

If you have sleep problems, read our article on the subject to find out everything you need to know about insomnia and lack of sleep. We also provide tips on how to fall asleep more easily.