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Wear it, don't waste it - Black Weekend Campaign | mey®

Our Black Weekend campaign: Wear it, don't waste it.

Our Black Weekend campaign: Wear it, don't waste it.

Environmentally friendly and responsible – we strongly believe that quality and sustainability can go hand in hand. These values have long been the cornerstones of the mey brand, and we are determined to play a leading role in the protection of our planet. We are delighted that customers are increasingly giving weight to these issues, because every gesture counts!

With our limited Black Weekend campaign at a reasonable price, we want to give our factory seconds a second chance and open up products that have earned the chance to be worn. 

True to our motto, “Speaking Quality”, our factory seconds exhibit our characteristic mey quality and can be enjoyed for a long time to come, thanks to our high quality standards.

This weekend only, discover our exceptional factory seconds. Let us surprise you with a package of pure sustainability paired with hand-craftsmanship, made in Europe.

Our second-choice surprise packages | mey®

All packages for the Black Weekend Campaign

Only while stocks last!

Shop B-goods sustainably and in the best quality | mey®

Limited Black Weekend promotion this weekend only - strike now | mey®

One weekend. 11 packages. Five items each.

Get high-quality products from mey at heavily reduced prices with our limited second-choice campaign. Only on Black Weekend, we are offering 11 surprise packages, each consisting of five randomly selected items. The packages may contain different series, patterns/colours and cuts of the respective product group.

Secure irresistible offers for bundles of T-shirts, undershirts, camisoles, briefs and shorties! Don’t miss out on your chance to get exclusive discounts, but hurry – our Black Weekend offer is only valid while stocks last!

Imperfectly perfect.

Our quality standard makes it possible. From the testing of yarns to final inspection, our products undergo a thorough inspection process. Predefined quality tests are firmly anchored in every stage of production. In the final inspection, the last review of the finished product, defects are far and few between, as all the items that do not meet our high standards have already been sorted out. That means a second-choice item is a real stroke of good luck – or bad luck, depending how you look at it. Because mey would not be mey if our strict controls did not eliminate even the tiniest flaw. Our perfectionism necessitates rejects – but they’re still too good to waste. 

When a “blemish” does occur, it is usually only visible to our trained personnel. That’s where our factory seconds campaign comes in, this Black Weekend. An homage to the uniqueness of second-choice items – and your chance to acquire high quality from mey.

The mey quality promise - "Speaking Quality" | mey®

Regina Schweigert, Quality Assurance| mey®

“From testing of yarns to the final inspection of the item, we have predefined quality controls at every step of the production process. In 2022, only 0.16% of returns were due to a quality defect.”


Regina Schweigert, Quality Assurance

Mona Haile, Production Management | mey®

“All our production facilities conduct a thorough final inspection. We inspect samples of every delivery that arrives in the warehouse in accordance with AQL standards (Accepted Quality Level). The bigger the delivery, the more samples we inspect. When doing so, we accept a maximum defect rate of 2.5%.”


Mona Haile, Production Management

Sarah Lindner, Quality Management | mey®

“In some cases, our guidelines are so strict that the consumer would not even notice the difference in items that are rejected by our employees as factory seconds.”

Sarah Lindner, Quality Management