Certifications and highest quality.

We have various certifications for our products.


We are an owner-managed, medium-sized company that has placed great value on premium quality, innovative strength and the sense of responsibility since 1928. We continue to produce a large portion of our products in our factories in Germany, Portugal and Hungary – more than 50% of added value is created in Germany. We have various certifications for our products. They require strict compliance with the highest standards. All of these specifications and tests help us achieve the premium quality required to meet our standards and also satisfy our customers.


To receive the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label, every part of a product (lace, fabric, thread, hooks, eyelets, tape, etc.) must meet the criteria. That means our products are free from banned and regulated contaminants as well as hazardous chemicals. Moreover, the pH value is tested for its skin-friendliness and the colour authenticity of each item is verified.

As a result, our customers can count on purchasing an impeccable product.


GOTS – global organic textile standard

The Organic series for women and RE:THINK series for men are GOTS certified. The standard assesses social criteria and environmental requirements for textiles made from organically produced natural fibres.

The standard guarantees the sustainable production of textiles. It begins with organically and sustainably cultivated raw materials, continues with an environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing process and even includes the designation of products. GOTS is the leading global standard for textile products consisting of at least 70% organically produced natural fibres.

The “Grüne Knopf” (the green button)

The Grüne Knopf is a relatively new certification from the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, which turned one year old on 9th September 2020.

Both products and companies are evaluated. Companies must be aware of human rights risks in their supply chains, produce reports on these and take measures to prevent them. During the product evaluation, manufacturers must prove that ecological and social criteria are fulfilled, by means of existing certifications (e.g. GOTS). Sourcing of raw materials is not yet taken into account by the certification.

Wear comfort – tested quality

Our men’s collection Dry Cotton (incl. “the undershirt”) has been tested by the Hohenstein Institute for wear comfort and was awarded 1.0, the best grade for a very high level of comfort and for being pleasant to wear.

The heat and moisture management of the fabric is tested. Skin-sensory tests measure the sensations that are triggered on the skin by the tested textile. Moreover, varying degrees of perspiration are simulated and tests are conducted to measure heat insulation and drying time along with whether the textile feels scratchy or damp against the skin.

Medically tested - tested for toxins (FKT)

The FKT label (Fördergemeinschaft Körperverträgliche Textilien e. V. or the association for skin-compatible textiles) certifies that the tested textiles do not release any substances that could irritate or damage the skin.

We are able to maintain our quality standards with this combination of tests for toxins and body compatibility.Compared to conventional tests, the FKT does not just test for individual and known harmful substances but also observes the effects the clothes have on the skin when worn.For our customers, this means better protection and safety for their skin.

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