Certifications and highest quality.

We have various certifications for our products.

Water droplets collect on white fabric with hydrophobic properties | mey®

Certifications and premium quality

We are an owner-managed, medium-sized company that has placed great value on premium quality, innovative strength and the sense of responsibility since 1928. We continue to produce a large portion of our products in our factories in Germany, Portugal and Hungary – more than 50% of added value is created in Germany. We have various certifications for our products. They require strict compliance with the highest standards. All of these specifications and tests help us achieve the premium quality required to meet our standards and also satisfy our customers.

GOTS – global organic textile standard

The Superfine Organic series for women and RE:THINK series for men are GOTS certified. The standard assesses social criteria and environmental requirements for textiles made from organically produced natural fibres. As of 2021, all three of our company locations (Germany, Portugal and Hungary) are GOTS-certified. We have also been able to convince one of our CMT partners to undergo GOTS certification.

You can find more information about the standard here: Home - GOTS (global-standard.org)

The standard guarantees the sustainable production of textiles. It begins with organically and sustainably cultivated raw materials, continues with an environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing process and even includes the designation of products. GOTS is the leading global standard for textile products consisting of at least 70% organically produced natural fibres.

Certification seal of GOTS | mey®

Certification seal of FSC® | mey®


Mey is the first company in Germany to bring FSC®-certified textile garments to the market. This makes the company one of the first in the world that is allowed to feature this certificate for FSC®-certified clothing.

The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is an international organisation that promotes the environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable management of the world‘s forests. FSC® chain of custody certification ensures that products with the FSC® label make a genuine contribution to sustainable forest management.

With these certifications, we ensure that both the raw materials for the lyocell and modal fibres of the TENCEL™ brand and the viscose fibres of the LENZING™ ECOVERO™ brand, which are made from wood, are sourced from sustainably certified forestry. We can also guarantee that our packaging is sourced from environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable forestry.


To receive the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label, every part of a product (lace, fabric, thread, hooks, eyelets, tape, etc.) must meet the criteria. That means our products are free from banned and regulated contaminants as well as hazardous chemicals. Moreover, the pH value is tested for its skin-friendliness and the colour authenticity of each item is verified.

As a result, our customers can count on purchasing an impeccable product.


Certification seal of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® | mey®

OEKO-TEX - Made In Green | mey®


MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® is a exacting and traceable product label that ensures the environmentally and socially responsible production of textile products. It also guarantees that the items are free from harmful substances. In order to unite these aspects in one product label, the MADE IN GREEN by OEKO-TEX® label is based on STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® product certification, which requires the items to be tested for harmful substances, and on STeP by OEKO-TEX® production facility certification, which ensures sustainable processes and socially responsible working conditions in production.

A clear product ID and QR code on the label gives customers the opportunity to trace each item and its main components back to specific countries and production facilities. As our supply chains become increasingly complex, there is an increasing demand from our stakeholders for documentation and transparency.

Medically tested - tested for toxins (FKT)

The FKT label (Fördergemeinschaft Körperverträgliche Textilien e. V. or the association for skin-compatible textiles) certifies that the tested textiles do not release any substances that could irritate or damage the skin.

We are able to maintain our quality standards with this combination of tests for toxins and body compatibility.Compared to conventional tests, the FKT does not just test for individual and known harmful substances but also observes the effects the clothes have on the skin when worn.For our customers, this means better protection and safety for their skin.

Certification seal of Medically Tested | mey®

Certification seal for the exceptional comfort of the Hohensteiner Institute | mey®

Wear comfort – tested quality

Our men’s collection Dry Cotton (incl. “the undershirt”) has been tested by the Hohenstein Institute for wear comfort and was awarded 1.0, the best grade for a very high level of comfort and for being pleasant to wear.

The heat and moisture management of the fabric is tested. Skin-sensory tests measure the sensations that are triggered on the skin by the tested textile. Moreover, varying degrees of perspiration are simulated and tests are conducted to measure heat insulation and drying time along with whether the textile feels scratchy or damp against the skin.


The new /myluxuries segment by mey guarantees the highest-quality materials and careful processing in the manufacturing of the products. The series with the gold label meet our highest standards. The fabric and comfort merge into one perfect mey product.

We currently have two series in this outstanding mey quality: the Superior series and the Business Class series.

Golden Speaking Quality icon with the mey “m” in the middle for the highest-quality series | mey®

Logo of TENCEL™ lyocell/modal yarns | mey®

TENCEL™ lyocell and modal fibres

Lyocell and modal fibres of the TENCEL™ brand feel exceptionally soft and gentle against the skin. These are synthetic fibres that are produced in an eco-friendly process and made from wood cellulose sourced from sustainable forests. 

TENCEL™ modal and lyocell fibres ensure excellent moisture wicking and keep the body cool and dry. The fibres are also extremely skin-friendly, durable and visually appealing, thanks to their subtle sheen.

TENCEL™ is a brand of Lenzing AG.


The LENZING™ ECOVERO™ fibres are produced in an environmentally friendly manufacturing process to high environmental standards. The wood used comes from renewable sources with FSC® and PEFC™ certification. These confirm that the wood is sustainably sourced.

LENZING™ ECOVERO™ are extremely efficient to produce, generating 50% fewer emissions and consuming 50% less water than generic viscose. In addition, the manufacturing process is certified with the EU Ecolabel: this confirms its considerably reduced environmental footprint.

TENCEL™ is a brand of Lenzing AG.

Logo of LENZING™ ECOVERO™ viscose yarns | mey®

Logo of ENKA viscose yarns | mey®


In our best-selling Emotion series for women, we also use high-quality viscose fibres from ENKA®. The synthetic viscose fibres are made in Germany and are made from up to 100% FSC®-certified wood cellulose sourced from pine and spruce from sustainable forestry in Scandinavia or the USA. The trees are grown without artificial irrigation, fertilisers or pesticides. 

Products with viscose fibres are exceptionally smooth and relatively crease-free – so there’s no need to iron them after washing. They also feel comfortable against the skin and effectively absorb moisture.


We use innovative COOLMAX® fibres for mey underwear with a climate-regulating effect. The special feature of these quick-drying polyester fibres is their propeller-like fibre structure, increasing their overall surface area by up to 25%. 

These combined properties of the fibres and their capillary effect allow moisture to be absorbed from the skin more quickly and efficiently and wicked to the outside of the fabric. As a result, the Dry Cotton and Dry Cotton Functional series, the Zzzleepwear series and the Mood series for women offer excellent moisture regulation and high breathability.

Logo of COOLMAX® polyester fibres | mey®

Logo of LYCRA® elastane yarn | mey®


Lycra® fibres were invented over 60 years ago and are valued for their lightness and invisibility in the fabric. Lycra® fibres provide an optimal fit compared with pure cotton, thanks to their stretch properties – even when the body is in motion. The products are extremely durable and simply unobtrusive to wear.

At mey, Lycra® is used in various basic series and seasonal series.


CELLIANT® technology incorporates a mixed mineral powder in the viscose fibres. This converts body heat into full-spectrum infrared energy and reflects it back to you as you sleep, recycling the body’s own energy.

CELLIANT®’s scientific advisory board, which consists of experts in photobiology, nanotechnology, sleep medicine, diabetes and wound care, has overseen nine pre-clinical, clinical, technical and physical tests, as well as eight published, peer-reviewed studies by experts, substantiating the effectiveness of CELLIANT® and the benefits of the infrared technology.

Tests conducted specially for mey on a small group of participants at CELLIANT® show that oxygen levels in the tissues increase by approx. 7.6% when wearing our Zzzleepwear with N8TEX®2.0 technology.

CELLIANT®’s commitment to quality and consistency is confirmed by stringent tests, which may include ash, emissivity, hyperspectral imaging and TcPO2 tests. For an energy boost after a restful night’s sleep.

Celliant® | mey®