Peruvian Pima cotton.

Hand-picked and highest quality.

Cotton picker in Peru harvests the ripe cotton flowers | mey®

Peruvian Pima Cotton

To give an example, we use premium cotton from Peru that is picked and sorted entirely by hand. This guarantees low levels of impurities and high quality, as only fully ripened cotton is harvested. To harvest all of the ripe cotton, the fields are picked up to three times, as the seed capsules do not all open at the same time on all of the plants.

The fibres of Peruvian Pima cotton are particularly long (with a staple length of up to 40 mm), very fine and of high quality. As a result in the subsequent spinning process, the yarn is particularly soft, tear-resistant and durable – even when frequently worn and washed. These extra-long staple fibres can also be used to spin exceptionally fine yarn.

Quality features of cotton

When selecting our cotton, we make sure we procure premium quality. We use particularly long-staple cotton with a fibre length of up to 40mm. The yarn spun from this cotton is particularly soft yet remains durable. Due to the climate in Peru, cotton plants require much less irrigation compared to other cultivation areas.

Moreover, our Peruvian Pima cotton is harvested solely by hand and without the use of chemical defoliants. Quality tests on staple length and the percentage of extraneous fibres ensure that only the best, pure cotton fibres are used for our yarn. You can feel the quality on your skin!

Photo portrait of Florian Mey in black and white | mey®

“We obtain our premium Peruvian Pima cotton from partners who we have worked with for more than 30 years.

Peruvian yarn is absolutely premium quality. We pay close attention to the origins and quality of our other types of cotton as well.

We use organic cotton yarn for our Superfine Organic series and for our RE:THINK series.”

Florian Mey | Managing partner

Organic cotton with GOTS-certification

Organic cotton accounts for less than 2% of global cotton production. The bulk of organic cotton available is of poor quality and therefore unsuitable for our fine bodywear. We exclusively use the best organic cotton available, which is significantly more expensive than conventional organic cotton.

The organic cotton we use comes from India, Israel and Turkey and is spun into our GOTS certified yarn in Turkey and Germany. Moreover, our organic cotton is particularly fine, long staple and hardly contains any extraneous fibres. Extraneous fibres can seriously lower the quality of yarn and the finished fabric as a result, which is why observing this factor is of particular importance to us.

Woman wears a white top and white briefs without side seams, made of organic cotton from the Superfine Organic series | mey®

Superfine Organic series

The Superfine Organic series for women is made of GOTS certified and fair trade organic cotton and it is produced entirely in Germany – 100 % made in Germany. The comfortable cuts without side seams ensure a perfect fit. Let yourself be surprised!

Man wears white T-shirt and white shorties, made of organic cotton from the RE:THINK series | mey®

RE:THINK series

Our innovative, new RE:THINK series for men is made of GOTS certified organic cotton and is manufactured exclusively in Europe. The modern cuts and the cool, printed slogans on certain items give this product range the edge. See for yourself!

Certification seal of GOTS | mey®

GOTS – global organic textile standard

The Superfine Organic series for women and RE:THINK series for men are GOTS certified. The standard assesses social criteria and environmental requirements for textiles made from organically produced natural fibres.

The standard guarantees the sustainable production of textiles. It begins with organically and sustainably cultivated raw materials, continues with an environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing process and even includes the designation of products. GOTS is the leading global standard for textile products consisting of at least 70% organically produced natural fibres.