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/ my lingerie

The perfect lingerie is as individual as the wearer. While some desire a perfect fit or quality above all else, others want lots of lace. At mey, sensuality, quality and comfort form a symbiosis promising lingerie that feels great against your skin.

/ my basics

/ my basics are produced with a high-quality end product in mind, from start to finish. We use exclusive raw materials, such as our Pima cotton from Peru, which is hand-picked from cotton blossoms. Yarns are specially treated to prevent distortion of the fabric after washing, while anatomical cuts guarantee a perfect fit.

/ my lovestory

Elegant silhouettes, opulent lace and exclusive prints give the feminine styles from our / my lovestory loungewear collection a distinctive twist and make real fashion statements. High-quality materials like viscose or modal ensure a luxurious feel against your skin, whenever you wear items from / my lovestory.

/ my night

Nighttime is the most rejuvenating time of day. Sleep helps us process the events of the day and recharge our batteries. With top-quality materials, comfortable cuts and new designs, we help you feel good in your sleepwear – even if you don't see it, you will feel it.

/ my night2day

We turn night into day – at least when it comes to outfits. With / my night2day, we present stylish pieces that provide the perfect night-time outfit for fashionable women, and yet are “decent” enough to wear to the corner shop in the morning, go for a workout or simply spend a cosy day at home.

/ my functionals 

If you are looking for something with a real edge over conventional underwear, / my functionals are the perfect choice for you. Carefully selected yarns and new fabric manufacturing and refinement techniques enable innovative features. For example, the COOLMAX® fibres of the Mood series provide a climate-regulating effect, while modal fibres set new standards in comfort. Our shapewear too provides “all-round comfort” for a 100% confident appearance.

/ my organics

For us, sustainability is not a trend, but has always been part of our philosophy. We believe that the sparing and responsible use of resources and our environment is not only logical, but necessary. We ensure the outstanding quality of our products by using sustainable materials like our organic cotton, and with various certifications – for a natural feel against your skin.

/ my classics

Our classics are guaranteed to impress with their durability and perfect fit. Thanks to many years of continuous development, we have fine-tuned our / my classics series to perfection. Our underwear combines tried-and-tested materials and cuts for exceptional quality and durability you will love.

/ my moderns

Do you love high-quality underwear that is not just pretty, but also sustainable? Our Ami and Yves series tops and briefs are both. They are not just made from sustainable, FSC®-certified materials, but are also stylish: modern colours, delicate lace and a modern stripe design make these basics almost too beautiful to wear beneath clothing.

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