Man wears white crew neck shirt from the Casual Cotton series by mey®

Casual Cotton series

Modern everyday basics with high cotton content.

Advantages of the Casual Cotton series

For the modern man: The Casual Cotton basics series combines the highest-quality material with modern cuts for optimal comfort. Suitable for discerning men. By choosing the Casual Cotton series, you opt for the finest basics series in the world with the highest percentage of cotton.

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All tops in the series are made of 100% finest Peruvian Pima cotton. The underpants are made from 98% Peruvian Pima cotton and 2% elastane to ensure a perfect fit with a very natural feel. The super-combed, soft Peruvian Pima cotton is picked by hand without defoliating agents.

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We not only take great care to ensure the highest quality and a flawless finish, but also use durable and sustainable materials.

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The seamless finish helps create the modern, minimal look of the series while ensuring optimal comfort. In addition, the natural, breathable cotton fibres are extremely skin-friendly thanks to their many positive properties.

mey® Baumwolle in Händen des Baumwollpflückers

“My absolute favourite product in the Casual Cotton series are the trunk shorts. They have a special kind of fit. Loose at the top like boxer shorts and snug at the bottom like shorties, the trunk shorts offer the advantages of both cuts.”

Claudia Wigge | Head of Design

Employee portrait of Emilia Antenucci in the quality control department, checking the hem of a top for quality defect | mey®

“We are innovative, ambitious and responsible. We make no compromises and hold ourselves to the highest standards. That’s why no product leaves our factory without being inspected for quality.”

Emilia Antenucci | Quality control

Employee portrait of Claudia Wigge in the design department | mey®

“The briefs in the Casual Cotton series are designed with 3D seams. This means the briefs are sewn at different speeds, resulting in a 3D effect that conforms perfectly to the shape of the body.”

Claudia Wigge | Head of Design 

Innovative features of the underpants

Our underpants for men have a special feature that allows for an outstanding cut and fit. Find your favourite underwear for perfect comfort!

Production chain of the Casual Cotton series

Die Basic-Artikel unsere Serie Superfine Organic werden zu 100 % in Deutschland designt und gefertigt. Vom Stoff bis zum fertigen Produkt. Unsere Seasonal-Artikel werden aufgrund der Spitzenapplikationen in unseren eigenen Werken in Portugal und Ungarn gefertigt. Das Garn besteht aus Bio-Baumwolle, die in Israel angebaut und in Deutschland gesponnen wird.

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Fabric production


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Garment production


Care instructions for the Casual Cotton series

Here, you will find all the necessary information on washing and caring for your garments so you can enjoy their high quality and perfect fit for a long time to come. We attach great importance to the quality of our products. Nevertheless, if you have a complaint, you can contact our customer service at any time.

Casual Cotton series, coloured circles in white, black, yacht blue and grey melange | mey®

For garments in the colours white, black, yacht blue and grey melange

Care symbol: hygienic wash, washable at up to 60 °C | mey®

Wash at up to 60 °C

To maintain the brilliance of the colours, these garments should be washed at max. 60 °C.

Care symbol: iron at max. 150 °C for delicate materials | mey®

Iron at a medium temperature of up to 150 °C.

Care symbol: dry at a low temperature. | mey®

Dry at a low temperature in the tumble dryer.

To save energy, air dry the undergarments.

Care symbol: do not bleach. | mey®

Do not bleach

If you wash white undergarments only with other white clothing, the white colour will stay brilliant for a long time. The colours will fade quickly if bleached.

Care symbol: dry cleaning possible | mey®

Dry cleaning possible.

We recommend not dry cleaning our products, as this unnecessarily harms the environment. Our products can be cleaned just as effectively in the washing machine.

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