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It-Pieces for autumn by Nina Suess | mey®

It-Pieces for autumn – Nina Suess

Trending topics – Fashion and lifestyle influencer Nina Suess presents her favourites from mey’s new autumn/winter collection.

Cool & confident by Viktoria Rader | mey®

Cool & confident – Viktoria Rader

For some time now, underwear is no longer as hidden as it used it be. Increasingly, it’s common to see a lacy bra peeking out from underneath a blouse. In this post, fashion and lifestyle blogger Viktoria Rader demonstrates how to style the lingerie look and blur the lines between “under” and “outer” wear.

Fashion week look by Nina Suess | mey®

Fashion week looks – Nina Suess

With her sharp eye and keen sense for stylish details, fashion and lifestyle influencer Nina Suess shows her followers how to combine lingerie pieces for a practical and fashionable look. She skilfully pulls off her unique look in the metropolises of the world, inspiring the fashion community. Fashion Week is the climax of the fashion scene, providing inspiration for extravagant and sophisticated looks.

Lingerie looks by Nina Suess | mey®

Lingerie looks – Nina Suess

High-fashion influencer and style expert Nina Süß is not just known for her unconventional and extravagant style, but also for having a sense for elegant and luxurious trends. She skilfully combines cool street styles with elegant jewellery and flowing fabrics.

In the following post, Nina shows how lingerie can be styled into eye-catching everyday looks.

Fashion highlight by Viktoria Rader | mey®

Fashion highlight – Viktoria Rader

Sexy and sustainable: Stylist and Creative Director Viktoria Rader demonstrates that lingerie can be both sexy and sustainable and shows how best to style these seductive pieces.

Shine on by Aylin Koenig | mey®

Shine on – Aylin Koenig

Aylin Koenig is one of the most well-know fashion bloggers and content creators in Germany. In 2014, she founded her own blog and inspired her follows with outfit and lifestyle posts. She skilfully combines the hottest trend pieces with timeless essentials and adds stylish accents with her unique looks.

Wear to wow by Viktoria Rader | mey®

Wear to wow – Viktoria Rader

Whether it’s laid-back casual looks or exclusive trend pieces: fashion influencer Viktoria Rader inspires her 500,000 Instagram followers daily with the latest fashion styles at @vikyandthekid. For the start of the new season, Viky presents her highlights from the mey Pre Collection. The result is a style that strikes the perfect balance between fashion and cosiness!

Trending Tropics by Nina Suess | mey®

Trending Topics – Nina Suess

When it comes to the latest trends and fashion styles, there is no avoiding Nina Suess. Whether it’s mixed patterns, bright colours or sensational cuts: the influencer keeps on surprising her 345,000 Instagram followers with new looks and stunning fashion combinations. In the following post, Nina shows us how everyday underwear and loungewear can be combined into a trendy lingerie look.

Summer Stories by Nina Suess | mey®

Summer Stories – Nina Suess

Fashion icon and entrepreneur Nina-Victoria Suess shows us the latest styles and hottest trends on her social media channels. This time she presents her favourites from the new mey spring/summer collection 2021 in the summery setting of Bali and brings some summer feeling home to us!

Spring Vibes by Nina Suess | mey®

Flower power – Viktoria Rader

As an international fashion blogger, Viktoria Rader is always up to date on which styles are currently on trend. She skilfully combines the latest trend pieces into high-fashion looks, and inspires us on the daily with cool outfit ideas on her Instagram profile @vikyandthekid. 

Soft Neutrals by Aylin Koenig | mey®

Soft Neutrals – Aylin Koenig

More than half a million people follow Aylin Koenig on Instagram. That makes the Hamburg-based influencer one of the most famous German fashion bloggers. If you are looking for inspiration on fashion must-haves, interior styles and lifestyle trends, there’s no avoiding Aylin!

Spring Vibes by Nina Suess | mey®

Spring Vibes – Nina Suess

The bright colours and exotic prints of the new spring/summer collection are guaranteed to get you in the mood for spring! In this post, fashion icon Nina Suess shows us her favourite look from the new collection – the perfect combination of comfy loungewear and thrilling lace.

Lace Crush by Viktoria Rader | mey®

Lace Crush – Viktoria Rader 

Our all-time favourite, delicate lace, is revamped with fresh colours in the new Spring/Summer collection 2021. In this post, model and fashion creator Viky (@vikyandthekid) shows us the elegant set from the Poetry series.

Sweet Dreams by Anna Winter | mey®

Sweet Dreams – Anna Winter 

Delicate lace and flowing fabrics – in this post, influencer Anna Winter presents the new slip dress with a stunning interplay of light and shadow. The Berlin-based influencer inspires us every day with her unique style and sophisticated mix of modern and vintage looks at her Instagram account, @annawntr.

Sweater Weather by Julia Dalia | mey®

Sweater Weather – Julia Dalia

Relaxed homewear looks are an absolute must-have for this winter. In this post, Berlin-based fashion blogger Julia Dalia shows her current favourite styles, which are so cosy we never want to take them off again!

The French look by Franziska Nazarenus | mey®

Franziska Nazarenus

A well-fitting black bra belongs in every underwear drawer. The triangle bra from the Amorous series is the perfect combination of beautiful lace and optimal comfort. Because lingerie can be seductive and super comfy at the same time!

Wardrobe essentials: the T-Shirt by Franziska Nazarenus | mey®

Franziska Nazarenus

True to the motto “keep it simple”, the T-shirt is one of the key pieces that the French swear by. It is an absolute fashion must-have and has come to the rescue of many an outfit when we just don’t know what to wear.

Keep it cozy by Anna Winter | mey®

Keep it cozy! – Anna Winter

Anna Winter is one of our favourite blogger when it comes to new fashion inspiration. Like many of us, she is currently spending a lot of time within her own four walls at her Berlin apartment. In this new post, Anna shows us her favourite loungewear for at home. Comfort is on trend!

All about basics by Liberta Haxhikadriu | mey®

All about basics – Liberta Haxhikadriu 

On her Instagram channel @liberta.h, blogger Liberta Haxhikadriu shares insights into her life related to fashion, lifestyle and interior design. With a mixture of vintage and modern minimalism, Liberta gives her images a unique look that inspires thousands of followers daily.

Loungewear love by Viktoria Rader | mey®

Loungewear Love – Viktoria Rader

This year, homewear is trending more than ever before. In the times of #stayathome and during the cold season, there is every reason to max out our comfort levels right now. Viktoria Rader from Munich shows the latest fashion trends and inspires us with her cool combinations on her Instagram profile at @vikyandthekid.

Sensual Statements by Nina Suess | mey®

Sensual Statements – Nina Suess

Fashion icon Nina Suess continues to inspire us with the most stunning style combinations and the hottest trends. The Munich-based influencer is not only admired by her 335.000 Instagram followers, her styles are truly eye-catching and have been featured in numerous fashion magazines.

Amazing by Anna Winter | mey®

Amazing – Anna Winter

Anna Winter inspires her Instagram followers daily with her unique fashion sense and an artful mix of vintage and modern styles. In this post, Anna shows us the beautiful models from the Amazing lace lingerie series – pure sensuality and romance! 

New Romance by Julia Dalia | mey®

New Romance – Julia Dalia

On her blog and Instagram account of the same name, model and blogger Julia Dalia writes about her travels and shares fashion and beauty inspiration, along with personal insights and thoughts about many different topics. In this post, Julia shows off the beautiful lace lingerie from the romantic Amazing series.

Cozy Autumn Vibes by Viktoria Rader | mey®


Viky Rader ist eines unserer liebsten Stilvorbilder, wenn es um die angesagtesten Fashiontrends der Saison geht. Auch Zuhause legt die Münchnerin viel Wert auf Looks, die gleichzeitig comfy und elegant aussehen. 

Lounging in Style by Sarah Eichhorn | mey®


Wie die perfekte Homewear - für zu Hause oder auf Reisen - aussieht und auf welche Essentials Sie keinesfalls verzichten dürfen, zeigt uns Bloggerin Sarah Eichhorn.

Summer Stories by Nina Suess | mey®


Fashion-Icon Nina Suess zeigt uns auf ihren Social Media Kanälen die neuesten Styles und angesagtesten Trends. In der sommerlichen Kulisse von Ibiza präsentiert sie dieses Mal ihre Favoriten aus der neuen Mey Herbst/Winter-Kollektion 2020.

Lingerie Lovers by Anna Winter | mey®


Anna Winter überrascht uns immer wieder mit ihrer einzigartigen Bildsprache und coolen Styles. Zum Start der neuen Herbst/Winter-Kollektion zeigt uns die Berlinerin ihr Lieblingsset aus der Serie Poetry.


Viktoria Rader ist die Gründerin von Vikyandthekid und eine unserer größten Stilvorbilder, wenn es um die angesagtesten Fashion-, Beauty- und Lifestyle-Trends geht. Ihr neuester Look zeigt die schönen Designs aus der Serie Lovestory der neuen Herbst/Winter-Kollektion. Erdige Nuancen treffen hier auf frische Akzente im Farbton „Chinese Green“. Ein absolutes Fashion-Statement!


Mode-Bloggerin Sarah Eichhorn zeigt uns, dass edle Loungewear mit den richtigen Kniffen alltagstauglich und trotzdem super stylisch sein kann und wie die Grenzen zwischen Nachtwäsche, Loungewear und modischen Stücken für den Alltag verschwimmen.