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How to wash lace correctly | mey®

Washing lace correctly: what you need to know!

Lace is one of the highest quality fabrics. However, the higher the quality of the fabric, the more care you need to take. We have summarised the most important washing rules for you so that you can enjoy your lace underwear for as long as possible.

5 bras that all women should have | mey®

5 bras that all women should have

A perfect outfit needs the perfect bra. After all, there’s nothing more unpleasant and irritating than a poorly fitting bra that peeks out, forcing us to fiddle with it all the time. To make sure you are ready for any outfit and any situation, we have written a little guide about the 5 bras that should be part of any wardrobe.

Hoe moet ik wol juist wassen? | mey®

How do I wash wool correctly?

To help you enjoy your wool garments for a long time to come, we have compiled all the most important rules to keep in mind when washing them. 

Wat hebben bruid en bruidegom onderaan? | mey®

Wardrobe essentials: What do the bride and groom wear underneath?

We reveal which underwear is best worn by the bride and groom to perfect their outfit on their big day. 

Slaaptekort – wat kan ik hiertegen doen? | mey®

Lack of sleep – what can you do about it?

In our high-stress, performance-based society, good sleep often falls by the wayside. The number of people who experience sleep problems is constantly growing. Mey nightwear experts explain how you can get a better night’s sleep.

Easy sizing: our new bralette sizes

We want to make it even easier for you to find the right bra size. That’s why we have developed a new size model for the bralettes in our Poetry series, which lets you use your regular top size as a guide. Find your perfect bra size now.