Blonde woman wears the long-sleeved top and long bottoms in the colour Deep Taupe from the Zzzleepwear series with an infographic about infrared energy | mey®

Zzzleepwear series


The world’s first nightwear that converts body heat to energy with CELLIANT® viscose.

Good news for anyone who has endured restless nights: just slip on our nightwear and enjoy healthy sleep.

25% of people worldwide are currently affected by mild to severe sleep problems. Stressful days are often followed by stressful nights – with far too little restful sleep. In the Zzzleepwear series with N8TEX®2.0 technology, CELLIANT® makes all the difference.

CELLIANT® converts the heat emitted by the body into full-spectrum infrared energy and reflects it back to the skin. This supports local circulation and the oxygen supply to the cells.

Three-dimensional graphic to explain the full-spectrum infrared energy effect of CELLIANT® in the Zzzleepwear series | mey®

Advantages of the Zzzleepwear series with CELLIANT®

Recharge your energy while others are counting sheep: with our innovative Zzzleepwear nightwear.

Everyone talks of work-life balance. But they often forget about the night. Restorative sleep works wonders. The Zzzleepwear series by mey sets new standards on this front: it is designed to help you fall asleep quicker and can also improve the quality of your sleep.

Its unique secret lies in the breathable fabric of the mey nightwear, featuring innovative N8TEX®2.0 with Celliant® technology, which is directly incorporated in the viscose fibres. This converts body heat into full-spectrum infrared energy and reflects it back to you as you sleep.

CELLIANT®’s commitment to quality and consistency is confirmed by stringent tests, which may include ash, emissivity, hyperspectral imaging and TcPO2 tests. For an energy boost after a restful night’s sleep.  

Icon for restful sleep, sheep with crescent moon and three Zs | mey®

The innovative N8TEX®2.0 fabric with CELLIANT® technology provides regeneration and increased rest during the sleep phase. Body heat is converted and reflected by CELLIANT® infrared technology. 

Icon for recycling your own energy, two arrows forming a circle with lightning in the middle | mey®

CELLIANT® technology incorporates a mixed mineral powder in the viscose fibres. This converts body heat into full-spectrum infrared energy and reflects it back to you as you sleep: Recycling the body’s own energy

Icon for a soft and cosy with feather | mey®

The CELLIANT® viscose combined with clever cuts makes nightwear from the Zzzleepwear series feel wonderfully soft, smooth and cosy.

Icon for climate control with water droplets and inwardly curved arrow | mey®

With a combination of 75% cotton and 25% CELLIANT® viscose, the fabric provides excellent climate control and a natural feel against your skin while you sleep.

Employee portrait of Holger Teufel in front of a knitting machine in the knitting department | mey®

“The perfect nightwear not only requires the perfect cut, but the perfect selection of materials. With our newly developed N8TEX®2.0 fabric, we are elevating comfortable sleep to a new level.”

Holger Teufel | Knitting department

Employee portrait of Claudia Wigge in front of a mood board with textile ideas in the design department | mey®

“We create your new sleep-life balance with our Zzzleepwear collection. Fall in love with the soft, cosy feel of our products. The soft cuffs prevent slipping to ensure that the CELLIANT® viscose can take effect on the whole body.

Claudia Wigge | Head of Design Women

Employee portrait of Anne Herrmann the design department with textile ideas in the background | mey®

“The products come in two appealing colours: Deep Taupe and Natural with a beautiful mottled look. Thanks to the amazing oxygenising effect of the CELLIANT® viscose, you will sleep better than ever.”

Anne Herrmann | Design

N8TEX®2.0 logo on the background of the graphic with the full spectrum infrared energy | mey®

Innovative features of the Zzzleepwear series – the fabric that sweet dreams are made of: N8TEX®2.0.

Nightwear in the Zzzleepwear series is made of N8TEX®2.0 fabric. Innovative and intelligent, it combines maximum comfort and smart functionality in one. It is refined with CELLIANT® technology, unleashing the almost superpowers of soft, cosy viscose. 

Icon for breathability: two horizontal lines crossed by a wavy arrow | mey®

High breathability

N8TEX®2.0 fabric is temperature-regulating, highly breathable and absorbs moisture quickly

Icon for oxygen supply, three curved arrows point away from an O2 | mey®

Improved oxygen supply for better rest and enhanced performance

CELLIANT®’s scientific advisory board, which consists of experts in photobiology, nanotechnology, sleep medicine, diabetes and wound care, has overseen nine published, peer-reviewed pre-clinical, clinical and technical studies and physical tests, substantiating the effectiveness of CELLIANT® and the benefits of the infrared technology.

Tests conducted specially for mey on a small group of participants at CELLIANT® show that oxygen levels in the tissues increase by approx. 7.6% when wearing our Zzzleepwear with N8TEX®2.0 technology. This increased the oxygen supply to the cells. For a relaxing night's sleep and improved recovery.

Explanatory graphic about the test results of the study on CELLIANT®, showing an increase in the oxygen supply in the blood | mey®

CELLIANT® lets cells breathe: the oxygen supply to the cells increases by at least 7.6%, which is more than with any conventional fabric. In the graphic, you can see the oxygen content of the cells when using conventional fabric compared to N8TEX®2.0 technology with CELLIANT® viscose.

Benefits that pay off, day and night.

Get more restful sleep

Zzzleepwear nightwear promotes deep, restorative sleep, known as REM sleep. This allows your body to optimally regenerate.

Side view of a brown-haired female model, wearing the T-shirt from the Zzzleepwear series in the colour Natural | mey®

Wake up feeling more refreshed and energised

Zzzleepwear in the N8TEX®2.0 series returns energy to the body and ensures efficient moisture absorption and breathability with its climate-regulating effect. For you, this means: you start your day feeling energised.

Front view of a blonde female model, wearing the long-sleeved shirt from the Zzzleepwear series in the colour Deep Taupe | mey®

Wie im Schlaf zum Händler in Ihrer Nähe, der die Serie Zzzleepwear führt.

Sie möchten sich gerne selbst von der Qualität der Nachtwäsche aus der Serie Zzzleepwear mit N8TEX®2.0 Technologie überzeugen? Mit Vergnügen: Finden Sie einfach und schnell den passenden Händler in Ihrer Nähe.   

Händler finden

Dreamy designs and colour variants – All products in the Zzzleepwear series with CELLIANT®

The Zzzleepwear series with N8TEX®2.0 technology offers different design variants to help you achieve relaxing sleep – in the colour Natural or Deep Taupe. Whichever you choose for your night time routine, you will wake up feeling more relaxed. We say: good choice. And good night!

Bedtime hits: Zzzleepwear sleep songs. 

Get our free Spotify playlists with the best songs for falling asleep. All you need is the Spotify app. Now you can sleep better than ever with Zzzleepwear and relaxing music.  

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Do you have trouble sleeping?

Our guide explains everything you need to know about insomnia and lack of sleep. We also give you practical tips on how you can fall asleep more easily.

A young woman sleeps leaning against the wall with an open mouth and a messenger bag in the Berlin U-Bahn | mey®

Production chain of the Zzzleepwear series with CELLIANT®

Die Basic-Artikel unsere Serie Superfine Organic werden zu 100 % in Deutschland designt und gefertigt. Vom Stoff bis zum fertigen Produkt. Unsere Seasonal-Artikel werden aufgrund der Spitzenapplikationen in unseren eigenen Werken in Portugal und Ungarn gefertigt. Das Garn besteht aus Bio-Baumwolle, die in Israel angebaut und in Deutschland gesponnen wird.

Icon Stift für das Design in der Produktionskette | mey®



Icon Stoffmaschen für die Stoffherstellung in der Produktionskette | mey®

Fabric production


Icon Schere für den Stoff-Zuschnitt in der Produktionskette | mey®



Icon Nähmaschine für die Herstellung des Produkts in der Produktionskette | mey®

Garment production


Certifications of the Zzzleepwear series with CELLIANT®

Icon for tested and effective, a clipboard with a sheet of checkboxes | mey®

Stringent tests for optimal effectiveness – CELLIANT® ’s scientific advisory board has overseen nine clinical, pre-clinical, technical and physical trials, as well as eight published, peer-reviewed studies, substantiating the effectiveness of CELLIANT® and the benefits of the infrared technology.

Care instructions for the Zzzleepwear series with CELLIANT®

Here, you will find all the necessary information on washing and caring for your garments so you can enjoy their high quality and perfect fit for a long time to come. We attach great importance to the quality of our products. Nevertheless, if you have a complaint, you can contact our customer service at any time.

Serie Zzzleepwear Celliant für Damen Farben Natural und Deep Taupe, runde Farbflächen | mey®

For garments in the colour Natural and Deep Taupe

Care symbol: delicate/colour wash, washable at up to 40 °C on a gentle cycle| mey®

Wash at up to 40 °C on a gentle cycle.

In order to protect the special fabric, these items may only be washed at 40 ° C on a gentle cycle.

Care symbol: iron at max. 110 °C, do not use steam| mey®

Iron at a low temperature of up to 110 °C, do not use steam.

Care symbol: dry at a low temperature | mey®

Dry at a low temperature in the tumble dryer.

To save energy, air dry the undergarments.

Care symbol: do not bleach | mey®

Do not bleach.

This will instantly fade the brilliant colours.

Care symbol: dry cleaning possible | mey®

Dry cleaning possible.

We recommend not dry cleaning our products, as this unnecessarily harms the environment. Our products can be cleaned just as effectively in the washing machine.

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