Our history.

We have been practising sustainability and tradition since 1928.

founder portrait of Franz Mey | mey®


The foundations are laid.

The company is founded by Franz Mey as a commission hosiery factory.


The brothers Franz and Karl Mey found the company Gebrüder Mey OHG

Garment manufacture begins, including items for women, men and children.



Specialisation in women’s underwear and clear commitment to the brand and quality.

Old mey® company logo for “MEY Figurgestrickte Feinwäsche”, the letter M forms the shape of two people | mey®


Innovation of the Seamless finish

mey Seamless. The finest, super flat shirt hem that doesn’t wear out or pinch.

old picture of a male model, black and white photograph with sporty underwear featuring striped bands | mey®

old picture of a male model, black and white photograph with sporty underwear featuring striped bands | mey®


Introduction of men’s underwear.

mey introduces the first men’s underwear range.


Innovation of the “Swabian boomerang”

Introduction of the “Swabian boomerang”. The mey hanger with an ecological hanger recycling system, which was awarded the German Environmental Award the following year.
In 2017, the recycling system celebrated its 20th anniversary.

hanger cycle, the “Swabian boomerang”, graphic shows the sequence of processes from delivery to retailers, return and re-processing, to reuse | mey®


Introduction of mey Night

mey goes a step further towards its successful expansion and sells a nightwear collection for the first time.

model photo: woman in a burgundy nightshirt with long sleeves | mey®


Introduction of mey lingerie

The modern woman loves to wear beautiful lingerie. mey expands its expertise and begins production of bras and matching briefs. Over the years, we have developed our know-how and now produce our spacer cups in-house at our factory in Hungary.

advertisement for push-up bras with the slogan “Boost your wow factor: push-up bras from mey.” | mey®

Boost your wow factor: push-up bras from mey.

Lingerie no woman should be without: these sensual pieces from mey are not only a feast for the eyes, but pamper your skin with delicate fabrics and comfortable cuts. Who wouldn’t want more? Me, myself & mey.

logistics centre in Bitz, exterior view of the building | mey®


mey invests in Germany

A customer and innovation centre for the men’s and women’s underwear division is created at the Albstadt-Lautlingen site. The Bitz site is expanded into a modern logistics centre.


Establishment of the mey online shop

Shopping at mey is now possible 24/7 anywhere in the world.

online shop, presented on a laptop with the home page open | mey®


Establishment of mey Retail GmbH

The first and only mey store is opened in Wiesbaden. In 2020, mey has 20 of its own mey stores, two multi-label stores in Mainz and Salzburg, and seven factory outlet centres.

store in Wiesbaden, photographed from the outside with entrance doors, window mannequins and a mey advertising banner in the foreground | mey®

advertisement for the Undershirt: an innovation for businessmen, no sweat patches or odour under the shirt, presentation of the shirt with benefits | mey®


The mey Undershirt.

Innovative: The “Undershirt” from the Dry Cotton Functional range is the perfect addition to every businessman’s wardrobe: breathable and moisture-regulating with a perfect fit.

In 2018, the newly developed undershirt with shaping function wins the reddot design award.


BraVissima by mey.

The “BraVissima” is the innovative bra by mey! The world’s lightest spacer bra provides optimal comfort with its breathable, temperature-regulating and extra-light cups and creates a beautiful shape with its push-up effect.

advertisement for the Blouse Spacer: BraVissima – the world’s best spacer bra, female model in a light pink blouse and light pink spacer bra | mey®

Certification seal from GOTS for the Superfine Organic and RE:THINK series | mey®


GOTS - global organic textile standard

The Superfine Organic series for women has been GOTS-certified since 2017, and the RE:THINK series for men since 2019. The certification evaluates social criteria and environmental requirements for textiles made of naturally sourced fibres.


mey swimwear for men.

Our swimwear collection for men was launched for the first time in the spring/summer of 2017. It not only looks stylish but features clever details and little innovations.

swimwear: swimming shorts and coloured T-shirts arranged on white blocks with water and palm leaves in the background | mey®


Fair made. Fair paid. mey celebrates its 90th anniversary.

We believe that fashion can do more than just look good. For example, it can help others too. That’s why we value sustainable and socially responsible actions. Since 1928. We want to celebrate with a campaign that shines the spotlight on our employees and production, and that investigates how much consumers are really prepared to pay for a white T-shirt.

employee portraits of Daniela Sinatra-Marzio, Thomas Rückauf and Anne Herrmann, as well as the logo for mey’s 90th anniversary | mey®

Cover of Textilwirtschaft magazine and the seal for the Forum-Preis, awarded to mey® in 2018| mey®


Forum Prize from TextilWirtschaft magazine

“Bodywear specialist mey has stood out from the crowd and successfully set itself apart with a consistent brand profile on a densely occupied, fiercely competitive market,” was the jury’s judgement.


Recognised as TOP MARKE for women’s underwear

The basis of the study was an online survey of 144 buyers for specialist underwear retailers and the broader retail industry in Germany. Relevant categories included collection expertise, style, quality & finish, and retail partnership.

Seal of the textile industry magazine for the TOPMARKE LADIES LAUNDRY 2018 Award | mey®


Sustainability at mey.

In 2019, mey published a CSR report for the first time. Sustainability and responsible consumption are the issue of our time and much more than just a fleeting trend. They are increasingly valued by consumers. We produce a large share of our products in our own factories in Germany, Portugal and Hungary. 

landscape photograph of the Swabian Jura in summer, green field with trees and bushes in the foreground, forested hills in the background| mey®

Certification seal for the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® for all materials | mey®


mey is certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®.

To receive STANDARD 100 certification from OEKO-TEX®, all the components of a product (lace, fabric, yarn, hooks, eyelets, bands, etc.) must fulfil the criteria.

This means that our products are free from prohibited or regulated substances and chemicals that are harmful to health. In addition, the pH value is tested for skin-friendliness and the items are tested to ensure they are colour-fast.