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Hybrid T-Shirt series

The smart way of layering – the intelligent T-shirt for the modern man.

The smart way of layering – the Hybrid T-shirt from mey.

Advantages of the Hybrid T-shirt series

The innovative Hybrid T-shirt ensures that your high-quality outer clothing, such as your favourite cashmere jumper, is protected from sweat. The special inserts under the arms form a barrier and prevent unpleasant odours. This allows you to wash your outer clothing, made of wool, cashmere and other high-quality materials, less often and keep it looking new for longer.

Icon for anti-sweat patches, crossed-out T-shirt with sweat patch | mey®

The transfer of sweat to your outer clothing is prevented by special inserts under the arms. They absorb any moisture and allow it to dry, without transferring it to your outer clothing.

Icon for anti-odour, crossed-out skunk | mey®

Silver ions reduce the formation of unpleasant odours. The silver ions are integrated directly in the fibres, meaning they do not wash out.

Icon for clothing protection, sign with hook | mey®

Keeps sweat off your outer clothing. As a result, sensitive fabrics are protected.

Icon for climate control, propeller with air current | mey®

COOLMAX® fibres ensure effective moisture regulation, as they rapidly absorb moisture from the skin.

Icon for breathability, two horizontal lines interwoven by a wavy arrow | mey®

The material composition ensures the high breathability of the fabric.

Employee portrait of Claudia Wigge | mey®

“Sweat patches on your shirt are a thing of the past, as the inserts under the arms absorb moisture perfectly without transferring it to your outer clothing.”

Claudia Wigge | Head of Design

Employee portrait of Danijel Kucic next to a knitting machine in need of repair | mey®

“The shirt is knitted from innovative COOLMAX® fibres. COOLMAX® is a synthetic fibre with excellent moisture-wicking properties. Thanks to the propeller-like fibre structure, moisture is absorbed extremely quickly and efficiently.”

Danijel Kucic | Knitting department

Employee Christoph Heinzmann draws design sketches by hand | mey®

“The perfect shirt under delicate clothing, such as a cashmere jumper, needs to fulfil two functions at once: it should provide climate control to ensure the utmost comfort for the wearer, and protect your clothing from becoming dirty.”

Claudia Wigge | Head of Design

  The innovative technology in the mey Hybrid T-shirt

Inserts under the arms with technical know-how

Efficiently absorbing the moisture from your body requires yarns made of certain materials: in the Hybrid-T-shirt, this is achieved by COOLMAX® fibres. These fibres have a propellor-like cross-section, giving them hydrophilic properties that effectively attract moisture. 

To prevent moisture from transferring to your outer clothing, we use a second fabric layer with a hydrophobic moisture block. It blocks the transfer of moisture to the outside, so it can dry between the two fabric layers.

Folded Hybrid T-Shirt with crew neck, a magnifying glass graphically shows the benefits of the fabric insert: sweat is absorbed from the inside and blocked from reaching the outer fabric | mey®

Inserts with invisible seams

The inserts of the Hybrid T-shirt, which are knitted from COOLMAX® fibres, have an unobtrusive finish. The inserts are not noticeable when the T-shirt is worn without an outer layer. When worn under a delicate jumper, their full power is unleashed as they protect your clothing from sweat and moisture. Now, you can be perfectly dressed for any occasion.

Fabric insert with COOLMAX® fibres worn on a V-neck shirt in light grey melange on the model; the seams are virtually invisible | mey®

Anti-odour silver ions

Silver has a neutralising effect and prevents the multiplication of odour-causing bacteria. That’s why we have integrated them in the yarn of the Hybrid T-shirt to harness their bacteriostatic effect and prevent unpleasant odours. By integrating the silver ions in the fabric itself and not applying it as a coating, the effect is made permanent.

Model photo with man wearing the Hybrid-T-Shirt in the colour white, while taking off a beige jumper. The insert under the arm is colour-contrasting | mey®

Matching underwear for the Hybrid T-shirt

Are you impressed by our Hybrid T-shirt and are now looking for the perfect underwear to match? Then the Dry Cotton series is perfect for you. It offers various styles and cuts of underwear, from jazz pants to shorties to long pants. The fabric also contains a high amount of COOLMAX® fibres, providing an optimal climate-regulating effect.

Man wears white shorties from the Dry Cotton series | mey®
Mann trägt ein Jacket, eine Anzughose und ein weißes Hemd, es sind zwei Hemd-Knöpfe geöffnet, seine Brust ist sichtbar, aber kein Unterhemd ist zu erkennen
Mann trägt eine Anzughose und ein komplett geöffnetes weißes Hemd, er möchte es gerade ganz ausziehen, das Drunterhemd in der Farbe Light Skin mit dem extra-tiefen V-Ausschnitt ist sichtbar
Mann trägt das Drunterhemd in der Farbe Light Skin mit dem extra-tiefen V-Ausschnitt, es ist in die Anzughose gesteckt

Production chain of the Hybrid T-shirt series

Icon Stift für das Design in der Produktionskette



Icon Stoffmaschen für die Stoffherstellung in der Produktionskette

Fabric production


Icon Schere für den Stoff-Zuschnitt in der Produktionskette



Icon Nähmaschine für die Herstellung des Produkts in der Produktionskette

Garment production


Care instructions for the Hybrid T-shirt series

Here, you will find all the necessary information on washing and caring for your garments so you can enjoy their high quality and perfect fit for a long time to come. We attach great importance to the quality of our products. Nevertheless, if you have a complaint, you can contact our customer service at any time.

Hybrid T-shirt series, coloured circles in white, black, mottled grey and yacht blue | mey®

For items in the colours white, black, light grey melange and Light Skin

Care symbol: delicate/colour wash, washable at up to 40 °C | mey®

Wash at up to 40 °C

To maintain the brilliance of the colours, these garments should be washed at max. 40 °C.

Care symbol: iron at max. 110 °C, do not use steam| mey®

Iron at a low temperature of up to 110 °C, do not use steam.

Care symbol: dry at a low temperature | mey®

Dry at a low temperature in the tumble dryer.

To save energy, air dry the undergarments.

Care symbol: do not bleach | mey®

Do not bleach

If you wash white undergarments only with other white clothing, the white colour will stay brilliant for a long time. These colours will fade quickly if bleached.

Care symbol: dry cleaning possible | mey®

Dry cleaning possible.

We recommend not dry cleaning our products, as this unnecessarily harms the environment. Our products can be cleaned just as effectively in the washing machine.

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